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New Android Magazine Website AndroidMag.com Informs Android Device Users, Lovers and Developers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2012 -- The new Website AndroidMag.com is quickly becoming the definitive home for Android users, developers and enthusiasts to learn and read about all things Android. The online Android Magazine Website provides well researched articles, tips and the latest news on the Android platform for users and app developers.

Since the early days of the Google-led Open Handset Alliance, it has been clear that the Android platform would be a formidable player within the world of Smartphones, computer tablets and other mobile devices. Today, the Linux-based operating system has nearly a half million available apps running on more than 200 million Android devices.

More than 700,000 new Android devices are activated each day backed by a massive community of app developers. All of those users now have a new online Android Magazine known as AndroidMag.com where they can find the latest news and information on the Android platform. “Android Smartphone, tablet and device users as well as Android apps developers know all too well that the scope and possibilities of their devices are changing daily,” said the AndroidMag.com editor. “The new Website provides them all with a definitive source where they can stay informed about all of the latest developments.”

At the heart of the Website is a growing pool of established writers that deliver the latest news and informative articles on Android apps and devices in a fun writing style that often shows their wit and sense of sarcasm. The Android Magazine is also a resource for ideas and required software updates. A list of helpful guides, tips and other articles geared to the developer helps keep them informed on the latest advancements with the Android platform.

All of the latest apps, Smartphones and computer tablets can be found on the Website with unbiased yet informative reviews. Users can learn how the platform works, read the latest news and rumors as well as get a good idea of what the future holds for the Android platform. “This new online Android Magazine is quickly becoming the one destination that both Android lovers and developers can call home, and it will only get better over time,” said the Website’s editor. For more information, please visit http://www.androidmag.com/

About AndroidMag.com
AndroidMag.com is an online blog Website providing the latest news, reviews, articles and tips about the Android operating system and its devices. Users can find informative and unbiased reviews of the latest apps, Smartphones and tablets while developers have access to the latest articles on advancements and possibilities with the operating system. All reviews and news published on the Website are independent opinions of the AndroidMag.com team.