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New Anti-Aging ‘Product B’ Helps People Stay Young on a Cellular Level


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2011 -- From the pages of magazines to television shows and commercials, it seems everyone is concerned with maintaining their youthful appearance and energy. While some people turn to injections and selective surgeries to achieve this, others focus more on exercise and vitamins.

Scientists have found the ticking biological “clock” that offers clues on aging and longevity: telomeres. The DNA sequence that appears at the end of each chromosome has been proven to significantly affect a person’s youthful health and vibrancy. With this new evidence, more people are searching for ways to take care of their telomeres.

On the heels of this scientific breakthrough, Isagenix has developed Product B, a new supplement that offers advanced telomere support and helps keep a person young on a cellular level. Product B contains a full spectrum of natural bioactive antioxidants to help protect against harmful free radicals that can accelerate aging and contribute to poor health. It also helps maintain harmonious function of a person’s cells and targets the sources of aging, such as oxidative stress.

Everyone would like to age gracefully, and maybe even completely avoid some of the side effects that come along with the process. When a person ages, their telomeres become frayed and shortened, which causes not only hearing and memory loss, but also the physical effects of becoming less youthful and vibrant. Isagenix Product B has been scientifically researched to prove it helps repair and sustain a person’s telomeres.

According to Dr. William Andrews, one of the first scientists to link the role of telomere length with cellular health, he believes Product B is a revolutionary new supplement.

“I’ve been working with Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator John Anderson for nearly a year to help identify natural, non-drug substances that can help provide incremental support to our telomeres,” said Dr. Andrews. “Product B and the Isagenix Pillars of Health are the breakthrough support we’ve been looking for.”

The anti-aging results a person can see with Product B are magnified when combined with the Isagenix diet. The diet is a combination of eating healthy, exercising and utilizing the system’s Cleanse for Life®, IsaLean® Shake, Ionix® Supreme and Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack. With an outpouring of positive Isagenix reviews, this plan proves that with the right tools, people can reach their desired weight and regain their youthful energy and vivacity.

About Isagenix
Isagenix offers products that cater to a whole-body approach to health and wellness. The company believes in revolutionizing youthful aging from the inside out and the outside in. With the Isagenix Pillars of Health, the company promotes whole-body nutritional cleansing, cellular replenishing and youthful aging. For more information about the company’s innovative products, visit http://www.fatburncleanse.com