New Anti-Airbnb Website Warns Potential Guests & Hosts to Stay Away is dedicated to helping former Airbnb Hosts and Airbnb Guests voice their concernes, share their stories and have their complaints heard regarding the Airbnb service.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- has attracted controversy from a wide variety of sources for years due to issues like tax evasion, risk of theft, and various scams, but never before have they been attacked so directly by a well-organized group of past Guest and Hosts seeking to right the wrongs that have been caused by Airbnb’s policies and customer service.

The aptly-named website has only been live since July 2013, yet they have already gathered a significant following of former Guests and Hosts, all with serious complaints about Airbnb. Many of the complaints refer to bad experiences dealing with Airbnb Customer Service including waiting over two weeks for a response, receiving multiple automated “form responses” before finally talking to a “real person”, and significant weaknesses in airbnb policies.

For example, there is a known loophole in the current Airbnb policy where guests are automatically refunded 50% of their money for an entire reservation if they file a complaint that there are pests/vermin in the rental unit (even if they have no proof). Hosts have lost thousands of dollars from this technique with little or no recourse except to stop hosting on airbnb. On the flip side, Guests often cannot make a claim when rental units have problems that cannot be easily proven, such as bad smells, loud noises, or dirty/rude roommates etc. For a complete summary of the biggest problems with Airbnb from both the Host and Guest perspectives, simply visit the home page of

The problems are rampant and Airbnb seems to have no interest in investing in solutions. is dedicated to warning potential Airbnb Hosts and Guests about the serious dangers of using the Airbnb service.

Joshua “Shua” Vogel
3301 Santa Fe Ave #128,
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