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New Anti-Bullying Foundation Seeks Funding to Begin Activities


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/02/2017 -- The Assertive Kids Foundation has posted a page on GoFundMe in order to raise awareness of their non-profit, and to raise the funds to start.

What makes us different than the countless bullying non-profits already successfully serving their communities is that we shall focus on fostering assertive behaviors and attitudes in kids, rather than the more usual enhanced bullying reporting, changing laws, or making a pledge.

We seek to disempower bullies by empowering their targets through knowledge.  We plan to avoid fostering "victim mentality", instead seeking to elevate and bring confidence to all kids.

The initial funds will be used to form the non-profit corporation, as well as to seek 501(C)(3) status through the IRS.  Since even starting the non-profit entity comes with a cost, the founders of Assertive Kids are seeking to fund this project publicly.

One of the founders has a background teaching elementary age kids, as well as teaching remedial university-level classes, conducting university workshops, and working as a peer tutor.  Both founders have worked in media and marketing for many years, and are familiar with internet marketing and promotion.  This experience will help promote the activities of the foundation and to bring the message to children, adolescents, and college-age young adults across the country.

Unfortunately, bullying is a serious problem in today's society, even leading some kids to take their own lives in response.  This is unacceptable, and everyone should do something to help counter bullying.  It is for this reason that the foundation is being formed: to teach kids how to be assertive.  Assertiveness training will give kids the tools they need to stop bullies who are bullying others, as well as to deal with boundary violations, and how and when to seek help from elders or people in a position to help.

Some of the ways in which the Assertive Kids Foundation seeks to meet these goals include creative projects for younger children, speakers utilizing role-play and student involvement, as well as guest lectures at local colleges and universities.  Literature and pamphlets, an interactive website where kids can talk to one another about bullying situations,  a private forum where parents might support each other and discuss the same,  as well as another forum concerning bullying-related suicide, specifically, are also part of the plan for the Assertive Kids Foundation.

To take part in this foundation's aspirations, and to make a donation, check out their GoFundMe page by clicking here.