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New Anti-Spying Protection for Smartphones Available

Ziklag pioneers technology to protect companies from compromising voice, data hacks


Arlington, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- Ziklag Systems, the leading developer of next-generation security products for enterprise applications, announced today the launch of Office Anti-Spy™, a new anti-spying App for Android Smartphones. Designed for use by corporations and executives, Office Anti-Spy™ makes it impossible for a hacker, intruder or spy to listen to or record private conversations and meetings.

“People don’t generally realize just how much risk they take when they walk around with Smartphones in their pocket, bag or briefcase” says Dr. Stephen Bryen, former head of the Defense Technology Security Administration. “In some government operations they make you lock them up. But in regular business environments, the vulnerability is there and the potential for being spied on is very great.”

Office Anti-Spy™ also solves the “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD) problem for companies struggling to secure corporate data on personal devices. Instead of restricting what users can do on their devices, Office Anti-Spy™ allows organizations to retain control of corporate data without touching employee’s personal apps and data.

How It Works
Office Anti-Spy™ shuts down cameras, microphones and data channels, making the Smartphone impenetrable to attacks. But one can still receive regular phone calls and text (SMS) messages.

“Of course you want to use the full power of your Smartphone when you need to,” says Tom Malatesta, CEO of Ziklag Systems. “But 95% of the time, your phone is just sitting there – and that’s where danger lurks. With Office Anti-Spy™ you can have the best of all worlds. You enable security when you don’t need your Smartphone’s data channel, and turn off Office Anti-Spy™ when you want to check emails or browse the web. This way you protect your personal privacy and your trade secrets and proprietary information.”

For more information visit: www.officeantispy.com

About Ziklag Systems
Ziklag Systems is a leading global mobile security company based in Washington DC with international offices in Tokyo, Japan; Taicung, Taiwan and Herzlia, Israel. Ziklag Systems focuses on the vulnerabilities of mobile platforms and the network systems that support them. Ziklag Systems goal is to protect organizations – both government and enterprise – and individuals from being exploited by adversaries and criminals through the development of industry-pioneering security solutions. For more information, visit: www.ziklagsystems.com.

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