New App 'Free Android Wallpaper' Allows Users to Download Android Wallpapers for Free

Wallpapers make a phone screen come to life making it look more colourful and interesting. With Free Android Wallpaper, one can get access to myriad kinds of wallpapers across several categories to choose the one that fits their needs perfectly.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Each day a plethora of apps are released for the android market and they span from adventure games to keeping a count on calorie intake and the likes; however, very few apps target the simple pleasures of owning a smartphone and this is where Free Android Wallpaper comes into the picture.

There is absolutely no fuss about using this app; it is simple and straightforward. One can download as many or as little wallpapers as they would like for the Android device for free of cost. Wallpapers make the smartphone seem more colourful and the presence of high end graphics makes it appealing as well. With Free Android Wallpaper, as the name suggests, one can search and download wallpapers for the Android device for free of cost.

This app has been developed by PB Team and since its launch in the Android Market; it has gained several happy customers who are extremely happy and satisfied with the functioning of this app.

The Free Android wallpaper app has myriad wallpapers that are scattered neatly and liberally across several categories in order to make searching for the right wallpaper a breeze. Besides, all the wallpapers that form part of this app are in HD which only makes the wallpapers seem more lifelike and beautiful. Based on an average of the user reviews that have been received for this app, it has won a total of 3.8 / 5 making it a must download app for one’s Android devices.

If browsing through individual categories is something that wouldn’t appeal to some, they can directly use the search box to look for wallpapers that may come close to the keyword punched in. Once the user is satisfied with the search results and has finalized the wallpaper that they desire, they can download it directly and begin using it immediately after download. Besides, one of the most amazing facts about using this app is that the wallpapers that show up in the search results can also be shared.

This app is available for download in Google Play stores.

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