New App Launched Called EATIZER APP That Provides Trusted Restaurant Reviews

Reading reviews about eating out experiences can be hard to judge. Everyone has a different pallet regarding food and people have different requirements, so what may be right for one food lover may be totally different for another. That is why it is important to read reviews from people within the same network, a network that is trusted by the user.


Milan, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2015 -- Eatizer ( is the first app dedicated to lovers of good food that allows people to discover and share recommendations on the best food and dining experiences with the only network they trust.

Imagine if a smartphone could discover the best food and dining experiences, selected by the people that are trusted. To follow suggestions of worldwide food experts, not losing time with reviews of little interest, finding the most reliable venues, tested by people who truly know about the place. To share choices and suggestions with a selected network of friends, becoming part of the experience.

People often become disappointed when trying a restaurant that has received great reviews from online restaurant review sites that allow self-promotion. Believing the reviews, users of the site go to the restaurant only to be disappointed. That is why it is important for people to use reviews in their own trusted network and with an app that does not allow self-promotion or false reviews.

Not everyone has the same taste or the same knowledge about what really makes a great meal. What a food lover really wants are personalized recommendations from people they trust, not just some stars from random patrons on the Internet.

Meet Eatizer, the new app (available today for iOS, Android coming soon), for lovers of great food. With Eatizer people can access restaurant reviews from the people they trust most, follow world-class foodies or create their own network of friends and share dining reviews and recommendations.

Food lovers will never have to settle for a disappointing night out again. They can read reviews from the people they trust most, the ones that know them best. Stop wasting time reading reviews from random strangers and on restaurant review sites that allow false reviews and self-promotion and use trusted reviews with the Eatizer App.

The sooner people download Eatizer to their smartphone, the sooner they can start creating their own network of trusted restaurant reviewers. By sharing their own experience, users can help others make the same great discoveries or avoid making the same expensive dining mistakes.

Don't wait another minute, download Eatizer and find honest, trustworthy friends and see which friends are already writing reviews by visiting

About Eatizer and Neosperience
With a team of 40+ highly skilled professionals based in Milano and Brescia (Italy), Neosperience has defined Digital Customer Experience (DCX) since 2014 to empower organizations easily deliver customer-facing and business app.

As its b2c spinoff dedicated to the food lovers' community, Eatizer is delivered in a world-class cloud computing environment based on AWS (Amazon Web Services), with scalable and elastic capabilities.

This approach offers great benefits through economies of scale, less development and remarkable savings, to deliver an app for the food lovers' community that was previously technically and economically unfeasible.

Market-proven and validated by a number of successful accomplishments for first class organizations worldwide, Eatizer constantly adds new features to support market evolution and beat time-to-market, to deliver the best food and dining experiences with the only network you trust: yours.

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