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New App Will Allow Text Messages to Be Sent at Specific Times

A brand new app is under development that will allow the user to program a specific time for a pre-written text message to be sent.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- D-Lay Text is a new app that is currently in development that will allow the end user to do something very unique. They will be able to send text messages that they have currently written at a future time. Using the app is easy, you simply type in a text like you normally would, the app just adds the option to enter in a time. You could send text messages minutes, hours and even days later. According to the apps creator, James Deal, there are many potential uses for this mobile program.

" The user can type the text, so they will not forget, and then schedule a time and date to send the message. The user can also pre-program birthday or anniversary wishes and holiday greetings to be sent on a certain date. ", says Deal.

Currently this project is in it's initial programming and coding stage for the Android operating system. When the initial android app is complete it will go through it's beta testing and debugging phases. When all of the issues are resolved and the final version of this software is made available to the public, the programming team will begin working on a version for IOS. The last step of this project would be to create the app in different languages so it can be used by people around the world.

Deal was quoted as saying, " We will give the app the ability to have various messages, such as, birthdays, holidays and other memorable occasions programmed with Ecards or photo attachments included. ".

Though the project is currently underway, it will not be able to be completed without the proper funding. Deal currently has a funding campaign live on Indiegogo where he is looking to raise the money necessary to complete the program. The project will not only need financial contributors but reviewers and beta testers too.

Deal also claims that this app could have a rather large impact in the business sector as well. Workforce notifications, reminders, memos and scheduling changes can be done in bulk and programmed ahead of time. Just like in the private sector, there are many applications for this program in the business world.

About James Deal and the D-Lay Text app
James Deal is a 50 year old Texan, husband and father of three from Amarillo. He has a degree in machine technologies and is the creator and owner of the D-Lay text app. This app makes it easy to send texts at any time. Just write the text message and enter in the time you want it sent. Currently James is looking for the funding required to bring this project to life, for more information about the D-Lay Text app project, visit the Indiegogo campaign page.


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