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New Aromatherapy Robe to Derive Support from Crowd Funding Campaign

Company launches widespread promotion of its revolutionary product


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2014 -- Aroma Robes through crowd funding campaign of its aromatherapy robe wishes to gather well deserved attention and support for its new and innovative product. The new product is an aromatherapy robe which extends healing benefits in addition to promoting a pleasurable sensory experience.

The crowd funding campaign of this one of a kind product will launch on Thursday, November 20th 2014 on IndieGoGo. The website will talk about all the features and qualities of the product including give a brief description on each. The campaign is estimated to reach a wider audience and given the novelty of the product, the response will turn out to be very promising.

The product which is an aromatherapy robe has already made headlines across the health world because of the unique properties it holds. The robe which is known to be created out of the plush yet breathable microfiber material is also known to promote holistic healing by addressing nagging pains in the body.

The robe will help relieve stress, alleviate tension and pain in the body and in essence, help a person feel better from inside out. The robe is unlike any other robe that is available in the market. Using this robe a person can invest in his health and wellbeing and, achieve the highest sense of luxury and comfort.

It is a robe that can elevate one’s lifestyle while making sure the person feels at peace with his body wearing the robe. It is therefore, more than an accessory; it is the experience of visiting a spa without the additional expense and the time.

About Aroma Robes
This unique concept of an aromatherapy robe is brought to by a team of experts who hold valuable experience in the luxury and leisure garment industry. They have also worked extensively in the robe manufacturing industry and therefore, bring their experience and expertise to the table with this new product.

Through the crowd funding campaign, the brand wants to expose more and more people to the unique benefits of its product and help spread the word on healing. To know more about this product and about the campaign, please visit,

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