New Association to Help Investors & Other Stakeholders Navigate the Realities of Emerging Market Investing

Global Reach host Té Revesz interviews Nate Suppaiah on his launch of the Emerging Market Investor Association as a central hub for networking, information exchange and education among international investors, local market players, and other stakeholders.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- When it comes to emerging market investing, how can small and medium-size investors and marketers to select the right markets, sectors or asset classes and identify the risks that can really hurt? Global Reach: Winning in World Markets host Té Revesz interviews Nate Suppaiah (Managing Editor of Alternative Emerging Investor magazine) on his launch of the non-profit Emerging Market Investor Association and intent to put smaller players on an equal footing with the global actors by facilitating greater information, education and dialogue to increase global understanding about investing in these economies.

The non-profit Emerging Market Investor’s Association was set up to provide a central hub for emerging markets information and education, as well networking for investors, investment professionals and other stakeholders. Nate will tell Global Reach’s worldwide business audience looking to establish or grow their a presence in emerging markets how they can access best practices and information about emerging market macroeconomics, political risk, regulatory environment, new launches, successful managers and sector analysis. He will share his plans to create in-depth industry data based on input from the EMIA’s members around the world,

Nate Suppaiah started out as a wilderness paramedic in Montana where he was studying pre-med. Nate made an abrupt switch to economics after covering China's acceptance into the WTO for The Economist (Beijing Office). He graduated with degree in finance from University of Loyola, Chicago and worked in the Chicago office of Oppenheimer as an associate broker. Nate moved back to China working as management consultant for the German firm Fiducia, specializing in strategic entry analysis and due diligence, shortly after.

He moved to Buenos Aires in 2007 and launched various economics and finance related publications including Alternative Latin Investor and Alternative Emerging Investor. He also founded the Capricorn Research Group, dedicated to LatAm wealth management research and consulting. In a non-profit extension of AEInvestor magazine, EMIA, the Emerging Market Investors Association was launched May of 20114.

Nate's graduate studies include International Economic Relations from University of Buenos Aires and Development, Innovation, and Change from the University of Bologna.

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