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New Australian Website to Stop Bad Credit Ratings Being an Obstacle to Getting a Cash Loan


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2013 -- Times are tough and money has become a very scarce commodity today, and without access to ready cash, no matter the amount, life basically stands still, argues head of the leading Australian-based online cash loan matching service, James Clark.

“Being broke and desperate sometimes drives people to commit desperate acts, and one of those is to unnecessarily tie themselves up in yarns of debt, through borrowing from various sources – friends, co-workers, family members, and in most cases the banks,” notes Clark, who provides an alternative and less onerous means of people accessing ready cash without burdening themselves down with paying it back.

That less onerous means by which employed Australians, who desperately need cash to deal with emergencies before the next pay day, can access bad credit loan the fast and easy way is via their mobile phone.

“All they have to do is enter their details on the website. If prospective loan application is approved, then one our approved and verified lenders will process your loan,” says Clark, who provide the disclaimer that his company do not provide any kind of financial advice or credit facilities.

To the uninitiated, the question that you might be asking right now is: “Just what is a bad credit loan anyway?”

“A bad-credit loan,” explains Clark, “is a loan made to a person who has credit that is considered poor and would likely be turned down for more conventional loans.”

However, he elaborated further to say that these types of loans may be unsecured, short-term loans such as a bad-credit loan or a cash loan for any reasons.

Even though bad credit can affect more than just a person’s ability to borrow money, Clark points out that it can also influence the potential borrower’s chances of landing a job or renting an apartment.

However, for whatever reason that someone seeks a bad credit loan, many simply aren’t able to control what emergencies overtake them. Besides, cash isn’t always on hand when it is needed the most.

“So, when you need some help at the last minute, it’s time to consider a fast cash loan. We understand you need extra cash to pay an auto repair bill or get your roof fixed after a storm and there’s not always time to wait until the next pay day, and that’s where we come riding in as your white knight,” says Clark.

Clark points out that their lenders do not just offer a service via their website, but they provide for the fastest and easiest way to access cash fast when the need arises. Besides, he argues loan applicants will save precious time when applying for a loan via the site, as they are able complete the application on their phone.

“We simply break with tradition and make the process of applying for a bad credit loan easier, and so, you need not apply to lenders who are unlikely to lend you money due to your poor credit history,” concludes Clark, who further advises that “no matter which of our lenders process your loan application, we recommend that you take independent legal and financial advice before taking up any loan products that you are referred to.”

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