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New Author Brings in Rave Revues at Amazon. "Disposition of Remains" by Laura T. Emery


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Laura T. Emery has released her first published novel entitled “Disposition of Remains”. The author had long wanted to create a novel of her own. Laura T. Emery put that aspiration in abeyance in order to raise her family and make a career. She sold seashells on the sea shore while studying nursing in her college years. Throughout the past 15 years, Laura T. Emery has worked as a Los Angeles registered nurse. The fierce passion of Laura T. Emery for diverse and travel cultures, in addition to her passion for architecture and art in Renaissance, have stimulated her intrusive nature. Always a person who keeps on exploring and putting her ideas on paper, Laura T. Emery writes fictions with details. Throughout the last 24 months, she dedicated all her time in writing her first novel.

The story of the novel revolves around Stacia Altman, who received a life-changing, life-ending as a matter of fact, horrible news. Stacia was diagnosed by experts with a life-threatening disease. However, she isn’t certain if her demise concerns all the people around her – including herself. A brave young girl in the past who has obsession for the history of art, Stacia has become a listless and sarcastic wife for a controlling husband. While struggling throughout the stages of anguish, she met a lot of good friends, love, and humor, most importantly. As Stacia tries to search for her life’s mystery and just waiting for her death, she eventually realizes that her death is only the start of a greater journey. The book centers on the journey of Stacia as she finds physical pleasure, spiritual awakening, and self-discovery.

The novel by Laura T. Emery is extremely spiritual and uplifting for everyone who reads it. People will be able to see themselves in the character of Stacia as she fights her way through her struggles in her life-threatening disease and finds the pleasure and enjoyment in life while still living here on Earth. The adventures and life story of the main character, Stacia, is amazing and people can all relate to the story.

This book was so enjoyable to read. I couldn't put it down. I wanted to just keep reading. Stacia, the main character of the novel, I felt like I was in her shoes. I hope the author will continue to write more books. I am definitely a fan. Can't wait for the next book—Paula R. Brubaker

Great read! Has suspense, romance, a character with a great sense of humor, and the unexpected! Bonus for anyone who has ever studied art history, as it is skillfully woven in. Can't wait for another title from this author! Was my first digital book, now I'm hooked!—Marietta Sperry

For more information with regard to the book “Disposition of Remains” and Laura T. Emery, the author, please visit this website: Everyone will be able to relate to the story and struggles of Stacia as she fights her way through her life-ending disease.

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