New Author Launches Fantasy eBook to Over 1 Million Fans

Author Phillip Jones spent over a year building a huge following before selling a single eBook. Now over a million fans on Facebook and Twitter will be able read book one in the planned epic fantasy series, Worlds of the Crystal Moon. Entitled “Ascendants of Ancients Sovereign”, the book takes place after the cataclysmic event, The Great Destruction of Everything Known.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- Writing an epic fantasy series is difficult enough, but as a new author looking for readers, the same old way was not an option for Phillip E. Jones. So instead, he embraced fans from the very beginning, asking for feedback on drafts and earlier works, leaning on their input to massage the story and perfect his craft. Using social media to its fullest potential, his fans grew from a few thousand to 1.1 million in less than a year. On Friday, September 21st, readers can sink their teeth into an epic tale full of gods, mortals, mythical creatures and the chaos of the five new worlds of the Crystal Moon.

“There is a huge demand out there for new fantasy content and fans want more involvement and engagement from the creators. Worlds of the Crystal Moon is doing exactly that, and you can already see the results… once the books are available it will be like pouring gas on a flame,” said Chris Salisbury, manager for WOTCM Media and assisting with the extraordinary efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

At launch, the book will first be exclusively available through Amazon electronic publishing for Kindle. After 90 days it will expand to include Apple ibooks and other popular eBook readers and platforms. The eBook edition will feature full color and black and white animations, detailed world maps, and a free sneak peek at book 2, The Magic of Luvelles. The ebook retails for $9.99 USD.

About the Author: Phillip Jones
An avid fantasy reader since he was young, Phillip Jones draws upon his varied and diverse life experiences as a US Navy air traffic controller, mortgage company owner, small business entrepreneur and author to create not just books, but an entire fantasy platform for readers of all ages to enjoy.

About WOTCM Media
WOTCM Media is a multimedia company focusing on bringing new talent, original works and engaging materials to its rapidly growing and engaged fan base. While the primary focus has been on publishing fantasy novels, the company has quickly expanded to deliver a full suite of marketing methods and services for new intellectual properties including; social media optimization, enhancing eBook platform performance, and creative services such as 3D illustrations, audio books, and cover art.

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