New Autism Study Opportunity for Children with Autism

The EverGreen Center is excited to announce their participation in an important new Autism Treatment Study. Families are invited to apply for inclusion of the study of comprehensive biomedical treatment of children with autism.


Oregon City, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Autism families are invited to apply for inclusion in a study of comprehensive biomedical (complementary and alternative medical) treatment of children with autism. The EverGreen Center, in collaboration with three other treatment centers and UCSF Medical School, are beginning a pilot study evaluating medical treatments and the use of a bioinformatics platform applied to individual affected children. The bioinformatics platform is a group of tests and inventories completed at home by parents, exploring and quantifying many aspects of how the child is impacted by autism.

Families applying to the program will be screened for eligibility and fit with the aim of the study. Children accepted for treatment will undergo comprehensive evaluation and treatment of identified medical issues and comorbidities.

The benefits accruing to participating families include the following: 1) comprehensive medical evaluation of the child, 2) comprehensive bioinformatics psychosocial/functional evaluation of the child through UCSF, at no charge, 3) ongoing feedback and direct inclusion of family in this data gathering process, and 4) application of specific treatments based on all the above described findings. Families will be reimbursed $100 upon completion of the bioinformatics data platform required of them. One additional, intangible benefit, is that accepted children will inevitably receive extensive attention and access to a new model of treatment, based on shared information from multiple dimensions and evaluations.

Responsibilities of participating families include the following: 1) completion of required forms and data base, 2) attendance at regular medical office visits with John Green MD, 3) compliance with treatment recommendations, and 4) payment for medical evaluation and treatments (which are eligible for insurance reimbursement). The study period is six months from date of acceptance and initial evaluation.

Further benefits are expected for the community at large, of families impacted by autism. We aim to demonstrate that biomedical treatments of autism can provide substantial benefit to affected children, and that parents can responsibly and effectively partner with physicians to complete complex and comprehensive bioinformatics testing. Also, we hope to show the value and efficiency of these tests, done through UCSF in providing evaluating and designing treatments, what I call “treatment based evidence,” or “response based treatment.”

We want to work with children who have not undergone extensive biomedical treatments, ideally between ages 3 and 5, and who have had a formal diagnosis of autism or autistic spectrum disorder.

If interested, contact, or call 503-722-4270.


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