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New Balance Pad from Run Baby Garners Positive Reviews from Amazon Customers


Armagh, Northern Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2017 -- Run Baby, an Ireland-headquartered European entreprise whose main business is creating and retailing sports products and accessories, has recently shared in a press conference that they have just created a new balance pad This balance pad is available in two colors, green and pink. They have also stated that this latest product has amassed positive testimonials from their online customer base in Amazon. Aside from the positive reviews, the product has also received numerous five-star ratings from customers who have bought the product.

When asked about what makes their product different from the ones out in the market, the Chief Executive Office, Gary Mcgeown answered that, "Our balance mat differs in such a way that we have only used high quality materials and that the product has undergone a very strict quality control procedure.It is made out of high quality closed cell foam in blue and green. It is very ideal for balance beam exercises. It was specially created to be used as entry level training equipment for balance beam training, and all gymnastics balance exercises and the list goes on. It has a high density which is perfect for injury rehab, restoring motor skills and improving balance for yoga and sports. Additionally, it is made for rapid proprioception training. Research shows that regular training quickly develops significant gains in proprioception or balance skills. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Most products only come with limited 60-90 day warranty period but with Run Baby, you are assured that your product will last for a lifetime."

As an introductory and limited launching promotion, Run Baby is makeing their new balance pad available at a reduced price for a limited time. The product may be bought in the internet via It was originally priced at 50 USD. Thanks to the special promo right now and the price now ranges from 23.99-34.99 USD. The said product has also collected multiple positive reviews and perfect 5 star ratings n Amazon from customers all around the globe.

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