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New Bankruptcy Law Reforms Prompts Launch of New Debt Schemes Website, TrustDeedsOnline.net


Edinburgh, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- TrustDeedsOnline.net, a trust deed Scotland provider, announces the launch of its new debt solutions website on the back of the new bankruptcy reforms. The new site will help raise awareness to struggling Scots that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

An article in the “Scotsman” highlighted recent government legislation reforms aimed to help Scots in debt. The article states, “It is vital that people who are experiencing financial hardship have the benefit of advice on the range of options open to them. By taking advice early, many people may be able to avoid bankruptcy by reaching an agreement with their creditors."

TrustDeedsOnline.net was launched with these recent reforms in mind and is aimed at helping financially struggling Scots navigate the complexities of the available debt solutions, such as a Scottish Trust Deed, while providing the professional counsel needed to take advantage of this option. By accessing a Scottish Trust Deed, consumers do not need to speak with their creditors as the Trust Deed company handles all negotiation. Up to 90 percent of the debt is written off, and the remaining balance is paid off in just three years.

A spokesperson from TrustDeedsOnline.net commented by saying, "The recently planned reforms by the AiB (Accountant In Bankruptcy) and the Scottish Government is a great step forward in helping Scottish residents get out of debt. The aim is to provide advice as early as possible and raise awareness of debt products such as Scottish Trust Deeds and Debt Arrangement Schemes with the hope of avoiding Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy). The launch of our new site aims at reinforcing this by giving confidence to Scots that agreements can be reached with their creditors without having to file for bankruptcy."

“If you live in Scotland and have found yourself unable to fully repay all your creditors, we can help you," states an article on the TrustDeedsOnline.net website. "Our professional agents at TrustDeedsOnline.net are familiar with all aspects of Scottish Trust Deeds. We have employed this debt relief strategy to improve many clients' quality of life by enabling them to escape from an extremely difficult financial situation."

Consumers wanting to apply for a trust deed can use the site's online calculator to determine if they qualify for a government backed Scottish Trust Deed. Once eligibility is determined, a trust deed advisor continues by calculating an affordable repayment option and then handles the rest of the process. No credit checks or setup fees are required. Most major debts are eligible, and the Trust Deed process can be set up in as little as two to four weeks.

The new planned reforms come at the right time for Scotland as the current rate on inflation hits 2.9 percent which was reported by the BBC earlier this week, putting the squeeze on families not only in Scotland, but across the whole UK.

"People are drowning in debt. It's imperative to raise awareness to people not just in Scotland but the whole of the UK that free debt advice is out these are easily obtainable. We hope similar reforms follow through the rest of the country allowing the rest of the UK to access debt advice more easily and efficiently", concluded the company spokesperson.

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TrustDeedsOnline.net specialises in the government backed Scottish Trust Deed debt solution, which can alleviate customers from their debt problems in as little as 36 months and will allow them to write off up to 90 percent of their debts. TrustDeedsOnline.net is Scotland's number one Scottish Trust Deed provider. Visit the website or call TrustDeedsOnline.net for friendly, no obligation help and advice. For more information visit http://www.trustdeedsonline.net.