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New Bathroom Cleaning Products from Tantacoat

Tantacoat Coating Systems has launched two new cleaning and protecting products- Sink Refresher and Sink Cleaner Plus that clean, protect and add shine to bathrooms and kitchen counters, floors, appliances, shower stalls and more.


Puyallup, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- Tantacoat Coating Systems is a company specializing in the production of coating materials for car and home cleaning purposes. Tantacoat is the Coating Materials Division of Belltree International Trading Company and has launched two new bathroom cleaning products - Sink Refresher and Sink Cleaner Plus.

Tantacoat's Sink Refresher is a protective surface coating material that gives excellent shine to sinks, shower room walls, tile and glass doors. This water-repellent material is formulated with liquid glass and silicone resin, which turns into a tough, sturdy glass layer once it hardens. This layer has all the features of regular glass: it is transparent, has high tolerance for chemicals, does not stain and is easy to clean. It also gives a glossy sheen to tiles, porcelains, fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) and glass doors. Sink Refresher also contains silicone polymers that makes surfaces water-repellant and very slippery, ensuring that alien substances do not stick to the surface. This also helps the surface to quickly dry and stay smooth and shiny for a long time. KEI: HOW LONG? Six months? Good to state, I think.

Tantacoat's Sink Cleaner Plus is a non-toxic eco-friendly, plant-based detergent that cleans and protects sinks and tiles. Sink Cleaner Plus is designed to be less foaming so it conserves water and makes it easy to clean sinks and other surfaces. The product is formulated with innovative water repellant ingredients which form a protective film on surfaces. If Sink Cleaner Plus is wiped off with a microfiber towel, it provides excellent shine to the surface.

“I recently bought Tantacoat’s Sink Cleaner Plus online. It had been impossible to keep my bath and sink areas clean . I have tried many products before but they were of no use. With one swipe of Tantacoat’s Sink Cleaner Plus, I could see results. I am completely satisfied with how easy it is to use and with how clean my bathroom looks. I’m enjoying watching water beads roll down the sides of my bath tub and sinks, which lets me know the product is working.” --- Oliver June, San Diego

“Tantacoat's Sink Refresher is an amazing product. My wife has OCD and she drives the whole house crazy when she sees stains and hand prints on our glass door. I got her this product recently and I can see she is very happy. Our windows and doors are always clean, as the product leaves a protective layer on the surface. I use it on my car windows too” -- George Benson, Seattle

About Tantacoat
Based in Washington, Tantacoat operates as an importer, wholesaler and online retailer of all Tantacoat products. Sink Refresher and Sink Cleaner Plus can be ordered from their website

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