New Bestseller, American Owner Builder Nails Unreliable Contractors to Wall


Alto, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2015 -- American Owner Builder: The Step By Step Guide To Owner Building is an easy to understand step-by-step guide that empowers the homebuilder through the entire process of building a dream home in a financially responsible manner. Renovators, DIY enthusiasts and anyone considering building a home will find a wealth of practical information in this book. Even if readers are hiring a builder, this book can help them understand what is involved in building a home and what to expect at each stage of the project.

From choosing a site to landscaping, this book guides the reader during the entire building process. The book spells out the commitment required to be an Owner Builder, encouraging people to consider their strengths, existing knowledge and health. The role of an Owner Builder is demanding, especially if readers have a full-time job and a family. A dream home can become a nightmare if readers do not plan properly and appropriately carry out those plans.

The book directs readers through all the different stages of building and provides comprehensive information about subcontractors and suppliers required to get to the finished product. American Owner Builder provides a wealth of information to give every chance of succeeding in development while saving readers many thousands of dollars in the process.

With 20 chapters and detailed appendices, chapters include obtaining finance, choosing land, house design, insurance and building materials. A key component is Chapter 7, the building process, Part A and Part B, which outline the entire building process complete with accompanying photographs. The book also uncovers potential hidden costs, and offers other ways to save money if readers don't have time to manage the construction themselves.

About Leeza Sipek
Leeza Sipek shares her experience working as a State Sales Manager, Sales Consultant and Owner Builder in the Australian residential building industry for over 10 years. With her husband Matthew and two children, they have saved thousands of dollars in owner building their homes.

About Matthew Sipek
Matthew Sipek is currently working as a State Sales Manager in the Australian commercial building industry. With a sound knowledge of waterproofing systems and products, he inspects new and deteriorated buildings to advise and repair.

About Hazel Foote
Hazel Foote, at the time of writing American Owner Builder, was working as a Sales Advisor for a local Australian contract builder. She has worked for major property developers and small to medium-sized builders for several years.

Leeza Sipek, Matthew Sipek and Hazel Foote are available for interviews.

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