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Little Rock, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2016 -- Current 2016 US home buying practices suggest more than 90 percent of all homes nationwide are inspected by a professional home inspector. Chris Perry's new bestseller, The Official Guide to Home Inspections: Knowing and Playing by the Rules is a how-to consumer's guide to home inspections. Anyone who has ever purchased a home or is about to purchase one will benefit from this book.

Perry's bestseller not only outlines the essential players and regulators in the home inspection industry but also contains real world examples, helpful illustrations and a wealth of practical advice, which can save money in catching problems up front!

Chris Perry wrote The Official Guide to Home Inspections for three reasons: To educate home buyers and home sellers about the purpose and need for a home inspection; to teach home buyers and home sellers how to select the right home inspection partner, who is actually worth the money; and to help home buyers and home sellers navigate through and benefit from the home inspection process.

Readers will also discover what types of inspections exist and which one is needed for their situation as well as how to maximize the benefits reaped from having a home inspection done and much more.

Chris Perry is America's Home Inspection Referee. Dual passions for football and inspecting houses converge in Chris, as he observes home infractions and throws penalty flags.

Chris has worked in the home inspection field for over two decades, including as a FEMA inspector post-Katrina. As a referee, he is past president of the Arkansas Officials Association and founder of 5th & 1 Arkansas Referees.

Whether crawling through an attic or officiating a football game, Chris always wears a wide smile. He's the man you want making the calls both on and off the field.

Chris Perry is available for interviews.

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