New Bestseller Provides Hope to Lupus Sufferers


Alto, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2015 -- They told #1 International Best-Selling Author, Lynda Dyer, she had Lupus. They said she was dying. With their apologies, the miracles of modern medicine had nothing more to offer her.

In her new book, You Can Make It Happen Now: Life After Lupus: Healing Your Immune System, Dyer tells the true story of how she proved them wrong as she provides hope to lupus sufferers.

Lupus is a chronic, complex and prevalent autoimmune disease that affects more than 1.5 million Americans.

Lupus is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms come and go, mimic those of other diseases, and there is no single laboratory test that can definitively identify the illness.

Lynda Dyer made a decision that literally turned her life around. She chose to live. She chose to take control of her life and learn how to heal herself. It took time. It took determination – and it took grit. But she has never been one to shy away from adversity … and this was a life or death fight that she was determined to win.

This book tells her story – the raw, true story of how one woman found wellness despite being told she never would. On the book's pages, she shares with readers the exact steps she took to restore her health, and reveals the many hurdles she had to pass in the process.

This is Lynda's seventh book. Her words inspire people to take control of their own lives and thrive in the sharing of their gifts with the world. She even includes many pages of delicious recipes for healing the immune system. In following her journey, readers might recognize some similarities to challenges they are currently facing. Her teachings show readers how they can move forward.

Lynda's life holds an inspirational story that has the power to inspire others. You Can Make It Happen Now: Life After Lupus: Healing Your Immune System is a priceless guide that will show readers the way to live by choice…not by chance. Available on Amazon.

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