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New Bird Coloring Book for Adults Now Available on


Cheltenham, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- In an effort to offer adult painters, interested in painting and coloring with an impressive and unique adult coloring book, Richard Edward Hargreaves has recently launched the Bird Coloring book for Adults volume 2. Published by Ironpower Publishing on the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, the bird coloring book is available on, and other online book retailers.

Sharing further information about the coloring book, Hargreaves mentioned," The bird coloring book has been specially crafted for experienced colorists who are extremely fond of coloring and painting and want to take their painting and coloring skills to the next level. The book contains images of different birds including the Emperor of Paradise, allowing you to show your coloring and artistic skills and exhibit your true coloring potential and talent."

It must be noted that the Birds-of-Paradise bird coloring book for adults consists of as many as 110 pages consisting of images of some of the most colorful and wonderful bird species, popularly referred to as birds of paradise. The book encompasses hand drawn and accurate ornithological line drawing illustrations, which have been taken from the Richard Bowdler Sharpe's lithographs on Birds of Paradise.

These nineteenth century lithographs show the birds in some of the most radiant colors and exquisite and fine detail, allowing the painters to develop fine painting and coloring skills. Painters and colorists can paint and color the images of the birds as per their individual requirements and skills. In order to provide colorists and painters with the best of the coloring and painting experience, the line drawings have been printed on one side only of each page of paper. The book consists of as many as fifty line drawings, which means colorists and painters will get plenty of options and hours to indulge in coloring and painting.

The bird book consists of a number of bird images including Bensbach's Bird-of-Paradise, Black-billed Sicklebill, Crested Satinbird, Curl-crested Manucode, Duivenbode's Riflebird, Emperor Bird-of-paradise, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, Golden-fronted Bowerbird and Great Bowerbird among others.

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