New Blog Asks Readers the Question, "Is America in Debt?"


Astoria, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- A new blog called IsAmericaInDebt seeks to educate Americans about the breadth, depth, and complexity of the National Debt and personal dept. It is already filled with articles and reading suggestions for anyone looking to research and learn about the debt, and what can (or cannot) be done about it.

About the Is America in Debt blog

Is America in debt? While watching the news for a few moments will commonly unveil that the answer is “yes”, many have no idea what sort of debt it is, why we have this debt, and what we can do to get rid of it. Whether you seek information on personal American debt or the National debt, this blog is the place to look.

Research shows that the average American is in debt – we owe on anything from a simple credit card payment to larger loans for higher education or a home. As Americans in a consumer culture, it's considered normal to have debt... but it's considered just as normal to be spending large amounts of hard-earned money to get out of it. The “Is America in Debt” blog releases frequent articles from leading names in finance, with opinions and research of all varieties. Whether it's conventional wisdom or unique perspectives, these articles make sure to give you something to think about when it comes to your debt, be it personal or national.

Alongside valuable articles about both national and personal debt, this blog is a host to a myriad of book reviews and recommendations. Each title is assessed and recommended based on it's informational value – for anyone looking to gain more knowledge in the field, these books will help. Among the recently reviewed titles are Facing Up: Paying Our Nations Debt and Saving by Peter G. Peterson and The Guerrilla Guide to Mastering Student Loan Debt by Anne Stockwell. Each reviewed book is paired with all it's relevant information for easy look-up and reference.

Articles, book recommendations, videos, interviews... while this blog has only recently launched, it already holds a wealth of information. To learn more about America's debt, visit the Is America in Debt blog website at

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