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New Body Essentials Launches New Cellulite Massager and Roller Set on Amazon Marketplace

New Body Essentials has extended its product line into the cellulite removal and treatment market, starting with a cellulite massager and roller set designed to reduce the appearance of fatty deposits.


Leesburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2015 -- Health and beauty is a huge industry, and has always has been. Humanity is defined by its love of beauty and of artistry, and both men and women have painted their faces since the earliest civilizations right up to the modern era. Now however, technological advances are allowing us to overcome our flaws at a rate never before seen. New Body Essentials specializes in making the latest technological approaches affordable for regular consumers, and has just released a cellulite massager and roller set designed to break up and disperse unseemly fatty deposits.

Cellulite arises when fat deposits are separated from subcutaneous tissues, causing a dimpling of the skin, often as a result of hormonal or hereditary factors. While these cannot be treated, the appearance can be, and the New Body Essentials Cellulite Removal Treatment helps to break down these rogue fatty deposits, smoothing out their appearance to make skin look youthful and firm once again.

The New Body Essentials Anti Cellulite Massage Roller & Brush work together for the best results possible. The massager stimulates blood flow and expels toxins from the skin, getting into the deep tissue without having to pay for a massage therapist. The roller then pushes through the more pliable skin crushing and dispersing built up deposits to smooth out the skin.

A spokesperson for New Body Essentials explained, "The massager and roller set is now available on the Amazon marketplace, and to celebrate the launch of the new product we are making the first batch available at an impressive 40% discount. Gift wrap is available, making it an excellent stocking filler, while Amazon's fulfillment means individuals won't be waiting long for their product once purchased. Used once daily, individuals will start seeing results from regular treatment in just seven days, with significant results in thirty. We look forward to seeing this product helping people throughout the country."

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New Body Essentials is a new and rapidly growing company developing some of the best new health & beauty products on the market today. Their products are all sold through the Amazon marketplace to guarantee customer satisfaction, with a forthcoming e-commerce site in the works. New Body Essentials aims to make the best quality beauty products affordable for all.

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