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New Bodybuilding Event Management System to Launch by January 2014


Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Today’s popularity of natural fitness and bodybuilding fostered more competitions. OCB (Organization of Competitive Bodys) Natural Bodybuilding competitions are not only good avenues to motivate more people to continue with their regimen, but also in showing off the results of individual hard work and commitment. Natural Bodyz, a website serving as a portal for bodybuilding contestants and promoters, announces its new event management system.

Scheduled to launch on January 2, 2014, Chad Havunen of Natural Bodyz and champion natural bodybuilder reports about the first ever bodybuilding event management system. “Our website has been assisting event promoters and competitors since we started to make sign-up and inquiries process more convenient,” says Havunen. “This time around we take the convenience to the next level by conceptualizing the Natural Body Event management system, which we will launch next year.”

Complete solution for event management

Havunen states, “The upcoming event management system includes all necessary elements that guarantee smooth events promotion and registration from start to end.” He reported the following features as introduction to the system:

Manages every competition element. The new system will work like an all-in-one platform for organizers and contestants. It manages event and contestant registration as well as polygraphs needed for specific competition.

Post schedules with ease. Numerous Natural Body Building competitions are introduced in the website on a regular basis. Promoters can easily post the event schedule and make it available for contestants, related organizations, and spectators following the competition.

Promoters disseminating scorecards to participants. Score cards generated for the bodybuilding contests will be distributed directly to contestants through the future platform.

Works as online profile page for contestants. Aside from being a system that promotes bodybuilding events, contestants also benefit from the platform by making it their profile page. They can create and customize their profiles with their details including competitions attended and trainings. If they joined a competition promoted on Natural Bodyz, bodybuilders can integrate their contest results from the managed events on site and display them directly on their own profile pages. Natural Body contestant profiles will be a good way for contestants, new competitors or not, to establish connections while carving a name in this field.

Additional promotional elements for event organizers. The organizers usually promote their events and their details. However, using the event management system will also serve as a promotional page for organizers’ products. Displaying them on the platform works as an additional means in introducing their products and services to everyone accessing the system.

Havunen also added, “We are very excited with how the new event management system innovate the process of promoting and managing events.”

If you are an organizer or a contestant, look forward to this new system by regularly visiting Natural Bodyz website at

About Natural Bodyz
Natural Bodyz is a division of the USA Elite Trainers LLC and source of informative materials about natural bodybuilding as well as guides in joining competitions. The group advocates the importance of building muscles the natural way for novice or advanced; figure, bikini, physique and bodybuilding competitors.

The OCB is the nation’s leading All Natural, nonprofit sanctioning authority to hold Figure, Bikini, Physique and bodybuilding competitions. Natural Bodyz sole promoter for OCB competition events here in the Tidewater Region.

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