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New Book by Acclaimed Entertainment Business Strategist Shares Secrets to Starting a Successful Record Label

Focusing on the vital facets of savvy record label operation, Lucien Beaubrun’s ground-breaking new book puts record label owners in the right frame of mind to make their venture a roaring success.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- While starting a record label can be a profitable and self-fulfilling experience, many would-be entertainment entrepreneurs find themselves in the dark about how to set their course for success. However, thanks to a new book by an acclaimed New York entertainment industry strategist, the sweet sounds of success can be in anyone’s hands.

‘5 Keys Before Starting Your Record Label’, written by Lucien Beaubrun, explains the vital thought-processes and tasks that should be completed before launching an independent record label.

Topics include the importance of a business plan, two things executives must do to prove they are serious about their venture, the secrets to success that most label owners never discover, the reason independent labels now have a level playing field with major rivals, avoiding losing strategies and five things owners need to figure out before starting or continuing their record label.

“Essentially, my book shows people how to think like music business professionals,” says Beaubrun, who boasts over a decade of experience helping record labels reach their goals.

He continues, “This will allow readers to then operate their labels with a great deal of business savvy. Everything is explained through real-world examples and a series of case studies with noted record label executives.”

Critics see the book as a vital read for anyone who is thinking about starting their own record label, as well as those who may already be operating their ventures with confusion or lack of success.

“The key to understanding the book’s principles is through real-world application. That’s why it is crammed full of actual problems, scenarios and challenges. This allows readers to develop a new and fresh outlook for their venture, which has the ability to turn their label around and make it a huge success,” Beaubrun adds.

To provide an online presence for his methods, Beaubrun owns and maintains a popular website which educates thousands of people about the business side of the music industry.

In fact, for a limited time, Beaubrun is making the book available for free to everyone who signs up for his newsletter.

“I have a real drive and passion to help people turn their music industry dreams into a success. Lots of people have lost millions while perusing their venture. However, a successful and profitable label is well within anyone’s grasp. Wanting to help the masses, I’m going to be offering free downloads for a limited period of time. Get in quick while the offer is still available!” he adds.

To get a free copy, please visit: http://www.learntheindustry.com/

Those looking to purchase a copy can find the book online, at: http://amzn.to/Oayjkq

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About Lucien Beaubrun
Lucien Beaubrun is an entertainment business strategist that has worked for many major record labels. He specializes in helping the success of independent record labels and music executives through his consultation and coaching services.

He understands every aspect of the music business, and he has helped a long list of independent music executives solve their problems.