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New Book by Angel Valentean Takes Readers Into the Life and Mind of a Modern-Day Bank Robber

Based on a true life story, ‘From Modern Day Bank Robber To Modern Day Mystic’ proves that, while most people have only ever dream of robbing a bank, some give in to this most illegal of urges. While the consequences were harsh, they also provide the perfect opportunity to learn more about life’s purpose.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- While many may not openly admit it, most people have thought at one time or another about the quick financial benefits of robbing a bank. While many resist the urge through fear of punishment, the real-life protagonist in Angel Valentean’s new book turns his fantasy into a reality.

However, as readers of ‘From Modern Day Bank Robber To Modern Day Mystic’ quickly discover, the benefits are short-lived.


"From Modern Day Bank Robber to Modern Day Mystic." Is a true life story about a poor kid growing up in New York who always dreamed big and worked hard from delivering news papers and shovelling snow door to door as a kid to starting his own business and buying a house in his 20's.

His burning ambition told him that he just wasn't getting rich fast enough, he didn’t want to be the old guy driving a lambo, so he would try a short cut to riches; He bought guns, a police radio, some bullet proof vests and started robbing banks.

The story is about the why, the exact how he robbed the banks and a few methods he used and his life changing experience in prison that woke him up from his brain washed or indoctrinated selfish state of being. After which he began a conscious journey of trying to find the meaning of life, and some of the ways of mastering the self and his own reality.

As the author explains, the story plays on the hidden urges of many.

“The Story is inspirational, who hasn't thought of robbing a bank?” says Valentean.

Continuing, “Well, he did and he paid the consequences of his actions and what he learned could help others to avoid many of life’s pitfalls and begin a conscious journey to understanding why you are in the world.”

Valentean firmly believes that the story will both deter others from committing similar acts while inspiring them to channel their energy more positively.

“The easy way in life often boasts only short-term benefits. From this story we can all learn that, by discovering our individual purpose, we can enrich our lives beyond any point we thought imaginable,” the author adds.

With the book’s popularity only set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy as soon as possible.

‘From Modern Day Bank Robber To Modern Day Mystic’, published by the author, is available now: In e-book form http://amzn.to/WGK2dF or through his website at lordjuju.com or by calling 1-800-947-9329

About the Author: Angel Valentean
Angel Valentean was born and raised in New York from Puerto Rican parents. He is a Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist and studies and practices Alternative medicine, Metaphysics and various spiritual practices and ways of life.