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New Book by David Cassler Announces First Documented Weight Loss Plan for Children.

When eleven year-old Joe Cassler gained 15lbs and joined the ranks of the 60% obesity statistic, his parents knew they had to step in and help. After losing 28% of his body weight and returning to admirable childhood health, Joe’s parents felt empowered to share the plan they used to help their son lose excess fat in a slow, safe and fun way.


College Station, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- In Spring of 2005, eleven year-old Joe Cassler weighed 143lbs, 45% of which was fat. After noticing his weight gain during a little league baseball game, his parents knew the burden of change laid with them. Having developed a fun, safe and simple way for children to burn fat, Joe’s Father is releasing its details for the first time.

In fact, ‘A Plan to Beat Childhood Obesity: The Bases Are Loaded’ is the country’s first documented weight loss plan for children. In a country where two thirds of Citizens are overweight or obese, the book is poised to change the lives of millions of young people.

“This powerful little book documents the workable plan that allowed Joe to lose 40 pounds, or 28% body weight when he was twelve years old. This is comparable to a person weighing 200 pounds losing 56 pounds, or a person weighing 300 pounds losing 84 pounds,” says David Cassler, Joe’s Dad.

He continues, “The plan outlined is a safe, slow way for children and parents to lose weight together. Joe's weight loss occurred over a one year period of time. The plan advocates parental participation, family fun, and positive changes in lifestyle.”

The book’s releases comes at a time when excess weight is the biggest risk factor to developing Diabetes, a disease the costs the U.S economy almost $200 billion a year to treat. As David attests, after the initial effort, maintaining great health becomes innate.

“When the program is finished, the principles learned become a way of life, and the weight stays off! Two years after Joe finished the program, his new high school friends gave him the nickname of "Slim" unaware of his earlier weight problem,” he adds.

While thousands of ‘fad’ weight loss plans exist, The Casslers’ plan breaks new and exciting ground. Everything follows a slow, safe and fun model for the burning of excess fat, in direct contrast to numerous cash-grabbing diets that promote large financial investments for quick and mostly unachievable results.

ith the prospect of a healthier country, happier children and even a chance to alleviate the United States’ economic crisis, David Cassler urges all parents to purchase a copy of the book while supplies last.

“This book provides America concrete hope, to avert a clear and present danger facing our youth and future generations. It may just be the most important family read of the 21st century!” he concludes.

A Plan to Beat Childhood Obesity: The Bases Are Loaded’ is available now.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://beatchildhoodobesityplan.com

About David Cassler
The author David Cassler, is a professional landscape architect and artist. Using his professional skills, the Bases Loaded Plan, a weight loss program for youth, is presented in the format of an architectural project.