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New Book by Shadoew Rose Helps Adults Understand God's Idea About Woman, Wife and Marriage.

According to the author, both Men and Woman deserve a better understanding of God’s most spectacular and wonderful masterpiece – the Woman.


Visalia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Everybody knows that knowledge is powerful. However, when proposing this idiom to author Shadoew Rose, she is quick to remind us that discovering God’s idea of one’s self is explosive.

This concept runs deep throughout her compelling new book, ‘Why Did You Give Up The Koochie And Now You Mad: Understanding God’s Idea of Woman, Wife and Marriage’.


In a fresh and compelling way, Why Did You Give Up The Koochie And Now You Mad will educate men and women in understanding God’s idea about woman, wife, and marriage.

It transcends women of all ages, races, creeds, colors, origins and oceans. This work reveals why women give all and become mad. Not madness associated with anger, but rather, madness linked to dissatisfaction of soul, and brokenness of spirit. Dissatisfaction associated with accepting what God never intended.

Why Did You Give Up The Koochie And Now You Mad teaches God’s conscious and passion toward woman, wife, and marriage; not based upon men’s rational, or interpretation, but God’s heart and mind as revealed throughout Scripture. This work scripturally explains God’s intent and care for His daughters. Women and men around the globe will engage in a provoking and stimulating opportunity to revisit Scripture, and grasp a deeper understanding and revelation of God’s mind toward His magnificent masterpiece…woman double refined.

Society has taught women many disciplines. Many of which she ought to have never accepted. Understanding God’s idea will empower women to see God’s mind regarding His idea of her, and for her. In Why Did You Give Up The Koochie And Now You Mad women will discover God’s reason for her creation; God’s idea of her care and treatment; and God’s intentions of man’s expression of love that she deserves.

Why Did You Give Up The Koochie And Now You Mad will teach both men and women about what the words man and husband actually means. They will also find the Scriptural definition of wife, also known as a good thing. Both will grasp God’s idea of the Scriptural meaning of “submission.” Men and women, husbands and wives will come to know, and understand what each is to yield to the other, and what neither should be willing to submit.

As the author explains, her book offers women a powerful opportunity to become further acquainted with God.

“God built woman as a spectacular and wondrous masterpiece. She is indeed astonishing, a fabulous gift to humanity. Nevertheless, many women do not understand God’s mind toward her. Many women are not acquainted with God’s idea about her care; treatment; due respect; or the measure of love God decreed she receive,” says Rose.

Continuing, “Sadly, some teachings bind women to ideas not true to God's thought. Man's translation often robs a woman of God's idea of her whole person, as well as her care and treatment. The lack of God truth continues to undermine a woman's identity of who she is, as well as the significance and importance God stamped within her.”

Critics are praising Rose for her diligent attempts to help both sexes better understand God’s plan for women. However, with so much success on her hands, Rose refuses to lose sight of what is most important.

“It’s all about exposing both man and woman to clearly understand God’s perception of them. This process is achieved by a better knowledge of what God has said. Even in this age, simple information, which has existed since the dawn of time still has the power to produce change,” she concludes.

‘Why Did You Give Up The Koochie And Now You Mad: Understanding God’s Idea of Woman, Wife and Marriage’, published by Balboa Press, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/108uh2v

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.shadoew-koochie.com

About Shadoew Rose
Shadoew Rose is a freelance writer who enjoys coaching spouses in controversial marital issues, along with her husband, Clarence. She is an inspirational poet, and blogger. She maintains a Facebook page to network with her friends and readers. Shadoew is the author of, "From The Father's Heart" (Tate Publishing 2010). Her latest project, "WHY DID YOU GIVE UP THE KOOCHIE, AND NOW YOU MAD" enlightens men and women in God's idea of woman, wife, and marriage. She and her husband coach challenged marital relations. Currently, Shadoew is pursuing her PhD in Theology. This is Shadoew's second book.