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New Book by Storm C. Plains Shares Captivating Story of Joey the 'Human Kangaroo'.

A true story about the author’s life raising a Kangaroo with her children, ‘Growing Up with Joey’ is poised to captivate kids and animal lovers around the world.


Orange, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2012 -- Raising children alongside a dog, bird or even a goat is fairly commonplace. However, when one woman raised her children alongside an Eastern Grey Kangaroo named Joey, life took a humorous and adventurous turn.

The main facet of this fascinating story is that Joey had no idea of his marsupial status; instead both believing and acting as if he was just another of Storm Plains’ five children. Now, for the first time ever, Plains and her family have documented their experience in their new book – ‘Growing up with Joey’.

The stunningly visual book offers a candid peek into the life of the Plains family, where Joey was always in tow. Whether riding in the family car or attending school with other children, Joey the ‘Human’ Kangaroo proves that possessing a pouch is no bar to being one of the family.

“It really was the most surreal yet rewarding experience,” says Storm Plains, who has written the book for both children and adults with a soft spot for animals.

She continues, “He did everything with us, all the while having no idea that he wasn’t human. As such, we didn’t treat him as if he was any different.”

The book’s thirty four pages are awash with photos and stories that resemble regular family life – albeit with the inclusion of Joey. Scenes depict events such as a trip to the library, where Joey wanted nothing more than to read the books, as well as regular visits to the home of him and his human Brothers’ Grandparents.

In all, Growing up with Joey is set to both entertain and inspire children and adults across the globe.
The book, Published by Storm C. Plains, is available now from Amazon.com.

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.stormplains.com

About the Author: Storm Plains
Storm Plains has dedicated her life to writing educational children's stories that are entertaining, fun and learning induced. She has lectured educational institutions for over twenty years on both wildlife and paleontology.

Ms. Plains is available for speaking and book signing engagements all over the world. Please write to us for availability and fees.

Her current book "Growing Up With Joey," is a true story on how she raised an Eastern Grey Kangaroo named "Joey." He was very human like in his ways and sparked awareness of these fascinating animals. The book is truly a delight for readers of all ages who love animals.