New Book - "Can Electrons Learn? - a Great New Scientific Discovery" Unveiled on BestScienceBooks.Com

Michael Mathiesen, In association with has published his highly anticipated new book - "Can Electrons Learn? - A Great New Scientific Discovery".


Santa Cruz, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2017 -- In his new book, Mr. Mathiesen argues that there is every indication from earlier experimentation in Quantum Physics using the Large Hadron Collider and especially in discovery of the God Particle (Higgs boson) and 'Entanglements' - that electrons may be able to learn. And if so, Humanity may be on the brink of an entirely new era in Science where the powers of the universe may actually be trainable to work for us as partners in our evolution and not just slaves to our daily desires.

In order for us to know this with certainty, and to guide us better in designing future experiments, the author argues that the Large Hadron Collider, the Stanford Linear Accelerator and the yet to be designed International Linear Collider should collaborate on an experiment that would prove one way or another if electrons can learn.

"After confirming the existence of the God Particle," said Mr. Mathiesen, "We went in a direction to learn more about the 'Strong Force', Anti-Matter, Dark Matter, etc. But we also have evidence that electrons exhibit the property of Consciousness. Therefore, we should be trying to learn more about this level of awareness, a new definition of life and an experiment of this nature would teach us much more. Our very survival as an intelligent species may be at stake."

"We know now that some electrons that have become partnered up in an entangled relationship can be aware of one another for life, possible evidence of what we call 'Soul Mates'. If electrons can have Consciousness, we need to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that there is a kind of life-awareness at this level by finding out if electrons can learn". Said, Michael Mathiesen a Science writer living in Santa Cruz, California. "If electrons can learn, we must then ask what are they learning from us? And more importantly what they can teach us?"

Since the discovery of the God Particle and Entangled Electrons, the largest and most ambitious scientific equipment in history should now be focused on research that will tell us more and more about the origins of the universe as well as the way that the tinker-toy building blocks - the sub-atomic particles - snap together to form and influence all life on Earth.

The ramifications for humanity based on this knowledge cannot be over-estimated. From our National Security all the way to our Global Peace and Happiness, every new versions of our technology may reach a kind of augmentation to our senses that sends us into a new path of Evolution where we resolve our problems in new and unique ways that become instantly effective.

The sub-atomic world may be ready to reveal their greatest secrets.

"When this most imminent and eminent scientific experiment is completed, I believe the world will be hit with the biggest Tsunami wave of energy we have ever known and the results of which, instead of being world-devastating, will be infinitely enlightening, inspiring and beneficial." Mr. Mathiesen stated.

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