New Book Codifies Psychology, Neurology and Technology Impact on Personal Development


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2013 -- The new book, Success Philosophy Manifesto, available exclusively on Amazon, discusses the ten personal achievement principles that will enhance your understanding and use of success tactics and strategies. These guidelines are extracted from applied psychology, the neurosciences and philosophy, and codified here as a manifesto on the psychology of success.

What will this book do for you? If you take the success principles, tools and strategies in this success philosophy seriously and implement them into your life, you’ll become a more influential person, a more consummate spouse, a better spouse, trusted confidant and overall the type of person others seek out when they have no place left to turn for practical implementable advice. In a nutshell, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled in both your personal and business life.

Learn how to quadruple your motivation by focusing on intrinsic goals versus extrinsic goals. You’ll learn that improvement follows when you can evaluate a situation and quantify what you understand to be true. Conversely, improving yourself necessitates that you also know why something happened, what the time and resource commitments are for quantifiable improvement and the specific action steps you need to take next.

Discover how to turn motivation into results based on the knowledge you will acquire regarding the neurology, psychology and technology of personal success. This book focuses on the key elements that we need to “work on” to empower ourselves with the knowledge to take charge of the things we can control and influence.

You’ll discover contrarian views on inspiration and motivation, self-belief, emotional mastery and self-esteem guaranteed to multiply your effectiveness in every area of your life. The book, Success Philosophy Manifesto, success strategies for overachievers, will be Free exclusively on Amazon, March 16-20, 2013.

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