New Book Describes How to Pick the Best Cat for You


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Cat fancier Art Saborio has released a new book telling people interested in owning a pedigreed cat which cat breed would be best suited for them.

Like dogs, different breeds of cat have different base attitudes and temperaments. This is a rough guide as an individual cat’s personality may make it a bit more difficult than expected. But overall, breeding will hold true, said author Art Saborio.

The book, “The Simple and East Guide to Matching the Right Cat Breeds to You,” is available at

"There is finally an easy and simple way to choose the right cat for you, your family or for an existing pet. All you need to do is choose a category within the book which matches your life style and within minutes you can find the perfect cat. This book will eliminate the worry of bringing home a ‘cat from hell’ or having problems in the future with your cat,” says, Mr. Saborio.

Making things easier, Saborio first breaks down household styles. Pick which most closely matches your home and then choose from the recommended breeds of cats. Each breed also has a picture and a description.

“I’ve heard too many horror stories of how someone fell in love with a particular cat and took it home only to find out it was a horrible decision. Now the owner and the cat are both unhappy. I hope with this book, people will avoid this kind of mistake,” he said.

The book brief at states, “When the environment is wrong, they can start to spray, scratch, withdraw, damage furniture, bite, pull out their fur, and attack an existing family member like a child or an existing pet. Once this occurs the problem does not get any better. A cat can get so nervous that the home problems can affect its ability to fight off disease, eat or maintain a healthy grooming habit. In the end the relationship can prove too much for the cat owner.”

It’s simply not fair to the owner or the cat, Mr. Saborio said, when something like that happens.

“Animal shelters around the nation regularly take in cats that the owner can no longer handle. It’s not the poor cat’s fault. The cat was just doing what his nature called for,” the author said. “The owner does have to take some responsibility. I hope this book will help guide people into making a choice they and their new four-legged family member can live with.”

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