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New Book Details Author's Insight of Christ and Different Kind of 'Makeover'

Written by Tritia Miller-Edwards, ‘Reflections of Christ: The Ultimate Transformation into a Christ-Like Image’ is a riveting account of how a car accident gave new meaning to Miller-Edwards’ life, and her path toward religious completion. Inspired to help others overcome their scars – both external and internal, Miller-Edwards wrote ‘Reflections of Christ’ for anyone struggling to hear the true Word of God.


Lake Charles, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- It isn’t often that a human being is offered a second chance.

In September of 2012 Tritia Miller-Edwards was given that gift and she’s determined not to waste it.

Author of new book, ‘Reflections of Christ: The Ultimate Transformation into a Christ-Like Image’, Miller-Edwards spent much of her life feeling as if she didn’t quite measure up. Although she was a spiritual woman who read her Bible and faithfully attended church, Miller-Edwards saw only failure and mistakes when she gazed into the mirror.

A car accident changed all of that. Suffering from her injuries and living with the anguish of depression and insomnia, Miller-Edwards was greeted one night by the voice of God. Reminding her that He had spared her life for a reason, God urged her to follow a new path.

“I began to read the Bible every night,” says the author. “Over time, I felt compelled to put pen to paper and write about what I had experienced and how God’s word helped me. Even though I had given my life to Christ in the past, I hadn’t truly let go of the guilt that I felt over my mistakes. Every time I tried to move forward, my image in the mirror reminded me of my own sinful nature. It was only when I opened my heart to the love of Christ and truly connected to the word of God that I felt myself becoming more and more like Christ. I felt as if the Holy Spirit was guiding me, and it was so beautiful. I felt such grace.”

With ‘Reflections of Christ: The Ultimate Transformation into a Christ-Like Image’, Miller-Edwards offers a moving rumination on love, the healing power of acceptance, and the beauty of second chances.

The Makeover You Can't Afford to Miss... "There was a time when I struggled with who I was. I would look into the mirror and see a distorted reflection covered with flaws. I tried desperately to cover my imperfections, but all I could see were my failures staring back at me. Christ was part of my life-I read my Bible, prayed, meditated, and was even active in the church-but I still felt incomplete. Then, in 2012, I was involved in a car accident. My injuries prevented me from returning to work for several months, and I began to feel depressed. As I battled insomnia one night, the sweet voice of God reminded me that He had spared my life for a reason, so I picked up my Bible with a new resolve and the more I read, the clearer things became. Seeking Christ became the emphasis of my life. His words changed the reflection I saw in the mirror, and I began to see myself becoming more and more like Christ as I studied His blueprint and applied it to my life." Reflections of Christ is a compilation of biblical meditations, with many of the scriptures that inspired Tritia Miller-Edwards during her recovery. These words gave her knowledge and understanding of the power and might of Christ, but also revealed her worth to Him. If you are struggling with your reflection, open your heart and mind to the transformative powers of Christ, and prepare to begin your ultimate makeover!

As the author explains, she wrote this book to help others who may be experiencing what she did in the past. “I want to help those who may be in despair at this very moment. Most people do not know where to turn. I want to let them know of the awesome power of Christ to forgive, heal, comfort, restore, and transform. I don't know one single person that has not been hurt in some way or made a mistake in the past that they are still carrying around today. For us to see the beauty of Christ within ourselves, we have to learn to heal.”

Continuing: “As a teenager I was taught the best thing to do was cover my blemishes; not realizing this ultimately made it more likely that another blemish would form because I hadn’t treated it properly and given it time to heal. ‘Reflections of Christ’ will let you see yourself the way Christ does; as one of His designer originals.”

Since its publication, the book has earned glowing reviews.

Calling it a ‘must read’, Juanita Braxton wrote: “If you need inspiration, a word of encouragement, or just a word to get you through the day, purchase this book. It's even a good gift to give to a friend!”

“This book was so beautiful, straight to the point, easy to read, inspiration, educational in everyday guidance in living the way God wants us to live. It gives you strength to overcome heart aches & know that God is always there giving us strength & guidance if we seek him & listen for his voice. I love this book, true inspiration, also wonderful for teen youth, due to easy read,” wrote Margentina Carter.

‘Reflections of Christ: The Ultimate Transformation into a Christ-Like Image’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/MqfUlg and many other online bookstores.

About Tritia Miller-Edwards
Tritia Miller-Edwards strives for a closer walk with Christ each day. She is an active member of the Women’s Auxiliary, Asst. Supt. of Sunday-school, Teen & Asst. Adult Sunday-school teacher, and Director of W.O.W Youth Ministry. Tritia is married to Murphy Edwards Jr. and have three beautiful children. They reside in Lake Charles, LA where she is employed as a geriatric nurse.