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New Book Details One Son's Message About Life and Love, After Death

‘Between Heaven & Earth’, written by Esther Luttrell, is a graceful, stirring and eye-opening message from her son Dean – a message he shared with his mother after his death. Driven to talk about what she’s experienced with the world, Luttrell penned this book so that her own miracles could help others grieving for lost loved ones.


Topeka, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- When mystery writer Esther Luttrell’s son Dean died, she began experiencing an interesting and mysterious phenomenon: “accidental” meetings with others who were grieving.

All of the people asked Luttrell the same question: “Why do I feel compelled to meet you?”

In her new book, ‘Between Heaven & Earth’, Luttrell answers that question and gets to the root of something she closed her mind to for years before understanding finally dawned, though Dean had been reaching her for years, sharing his specific messages about love, life and what comes next after death.

“I confess it took me thirteen years to gather the courage to write this book,” says the author, who lives in Topeka, Kansas. “I’m not a religious philosopher or a psychic. I’m just a Mom who lost her beloved boy and has been blessed by miracles. I’ve held back on writing what I’ve come to know for fear of being dismissed as delusional, or worse.”

A fulfillment of her “important assignment” from her son, and a poignant rumination on life after loss, ‘Between Heaven & Earth’ is a must-read for anyone who wonders if death is the end, or simply another beautiful beginning.


I believe there are ghosts among us, but I don’t care to read ghost stories. Gauzy figures materializing out of the dark, on the side of the road, bore me. I also don’t read science fiction. I have enormous interest in galaxies and the incredible mystery of it all, but none in battling spaceships and pointy-eared aliens. I think it’s only logical to accept that we are not the only intelligent life among trillions of planets. So there’s no one on the few closest to us. So what? Have you never seen a block with seven empty houses on it? It doesn’t mean that no one lives in the city.

As the author explains, writing this book was not really about her, or her own experiences.

“Really, it was a way of reaching out to others,” says Luttrell. “My mission is to pass on Dean’s message to every heart that has ever been broken by bereavement. Dean proved to me, beyond any possible doubt that life and love are eternal. How can I not share that with the world?”

Reflecting on others she has met through her work, Luttrell continues: “I speak all over the country and the stories I hear are so wonderful and yet so heartbreaking. I met the parents of a girl who had died in an auto accident only weeks before my talk and they let me know that I’d given them the strength they needed to continue living. Stories like that fill me with grace – they make me feel blessed to be able to be the one who shares this knowledge. Truly, it has nothing to do with me – it has to do with the miracles I’ve witnessed, and how those miracles have the power to transform a person’s soul, and lead them through the darkness and into the light.”

'Between Heaven & Earth’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1jg9XCw

About Esther Luttrell
Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Esther Luttrell’s formal education ended after the ninth grade when her father abandoned her and her mother and she was forced to go to work full time. Within eight years, Esther was writing educational films for psychology departments in Ivy League colleges and universities, and participated in a filmmaking grant, making her one of the few people with a ninth grade education to take on a university post vacated by two PhD's. When the grant ended, Esther moved to the west coast where she became executive assistant to the Vice President of MGM-TV. She also wrote and produced television programs and feature films. A move to Topeka, Kansas in 2003, began a new career as the writer of mystery novels. However, it was the book about her spiritual journey after the death of her son which inspired her write Between Heaven & Earth. Esther divides her time between writing novels and public speaking on the subjects of life after death. For more information, visit her website: http://www.estherluttrell.com.