New Book Explains a Job Does Not Equal Job Security!

If You Want To Be Happy and Free, Don’t Get a Job by Emmanuel Okon


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Everyday billions of people around the world trade away their freedom for a misplaced social conditioning in the name of “job security.” Just because one has a job today doesn’t mean he will have it tomorrow. When people work for someone else, they are at their mercy. They wear clothing that they approve, speak words they endorse, eat at times they specify, and they might even control when they have time to go to the bathroom during the workday. In the worst case scenario, one can be dismissed at a whim with no possible recourse. This does not equal job security. It is an illusion.

“If You Want to Be Happy and Free, Don’t Get a Job” addresses these insecurities that workers face in the workplace, even though the primary reason for most people being employed by others is to be secure in their jobs—a con that society perpetuates. This book provides the roadmap for people who wish to take personal responsibility about where they are going in life. Workers are empowered to realize that they can take charge of their own lives, creating that absolute security for themselves and their loved ones.

The origins of the book are based in a personal experience for the author. His beloved uncle, a stalwart, long-term employee of a corporation, was fired at age 55 as he lay on a hospital bed after an operation. His entire working career had been devoted to the “corporate cause” and after the dismissal, the uncle felt betrayed and depressed. His life over the course of the following year spiralled down, with his family becoming homeless after foreclosure. In this dark place, his uncle committed suicide.

Okon realized that what had happened to his uncle could happen to any employee, anywhere. The only “safe” job is the one a worker creates for himself. As a result, “If You Want to Be Happy and Free, Don’t Get a Job” is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and worker independence. No one can take the job people create away from them. This is job security.

Author’s Comment: “My hope is that this book will teach people to wake up and take responsibility for their own future, wellbeing, and happiness by not relying on a single client or employer. People need to be more resourceful and entrepreneurial. They can take charge of their own security and realize that they have the power and capability to create that absolute security for themselves and no one else can take that away from them.”

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