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New Book Explains How Common Divorce Lawyer Tactics Work


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- “Divorce? Don’t Let the Lawyers Make it Ugly” is an unconventional new book on divorce aimed at demystifying the process and explaining how tactics commonly used by divorce lawyers can destroy an amicable divorce and cost both sides thousands of unnecessary dollars. This new book, written by attorney Brian H. Burke will prove indispensable for individuals at any stage of the divorce process.

“A person going through a divorce is as psychologically vulnerable as they will ever be in their life,” says Burke. “The emotional experience is new and overwhelming. The legal experience, cloaked in the special language and mysterious activities of litigation, can be as terrifying as the lawyers decide to make it. These are lawyers the parties have selected, engaged, trusted, and paid. Usually, their task is to divide by two.”

When asked why he felt the need to write the book Brian stated, “My first priority was to pull the covers on corruption that characterizes The Divorce Industry. As soon as the client signs a representation agreement that compensates the lawyer at an hourly rate for every hour spent on the case, there is an inherent conflict of interest between the client and the divorce lawyer that is greater than the potential conflict with the other spouse.”

A multi-billion dollar industry has evolved to perform and obscure the process of divorce. “Divorce? Don’t Let the Lawyers Make it Ugly” was created to describe eight of the most common ways divorce lawyers justify the fees they collect from their clients.

If someone is in a divorce and feels that:

-The fees involved are too high for what has been accomplished
-They have lost control of their case
-Their lawyer’s values are used to make decisions, rather than their own
-Conflict has increased between both parties involved
-They are paying for legal services they don’t understand

Then “Divorce? Don’t Let the Lawyers Make it Ugly” will prove to be a must-read. For those who are unsure if the book is right for them, there is a free 11 question quiz available at

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