New Book for Kids "the Snail Who Forgot the Mail" Now on Kindle


Richmond, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- Who hasn't faced the embarrassment of a child screaming and roaring while surfing on their backs across a supermarket floor? Our kids always want everything now, and that can cause big problems. Sigal Adler's new children's book has the answer to this common problem.

The Snail Who Forgot The Mail is a book for 2 - 6 year olds which teaches children the value of patience. The book's author, Sigal Adler, uses a combination of rhyme and attractively drawn and colored illustrations that children will love, to teach children the values of patience. At approx. 26 pages, the book is the perfect length for children’s attention spans and includes a free flipbook video.

Customers have described the book as "A delightful book for kids." It’s not surprising that reviewers have given it a five star rating and describe it as a “the perfect story” for children.

Sigal Adler is an Israeli children's author with a refreshing, rhythmic writing style. The combinations of catchy and humorous rhymes hold an ethical message that appeals to the hearts of children. Originally published in Hebrew, Sigal's books quickly became best-sellers in Israel. She has recently begun translating her work into

Other books by the author include “Please Don’t Sneeze,” “Friendship And Competition,” and “The Hippy Hippo.”

The Snail Who Forgot The Mail is available on Amazon's kindle platform and can be downloaded immediately here:

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