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New Book for Target Stores Data Breach Victims Has Good Advice for Everyone


The Colony, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- The Target credit card breach led the news for days and is still a topic of interest, especially to the victims. Certified Identity Protection Advisor Danni Lipton has just released a new book “Target Data Breach: 10 Steps to Protect Your Credit and Identity”. It is available exclusively through Amazon for Kindle at $2.99. The Amazon link for ordering is

Over 100 million customers received a notice from Target that their information was hacked. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned that there will soon be more announcements of cyber attacks.

Danni Lipton’s book shows how to:

- Lock your credit file
- Order and review free credit reports from each credit reporting agency
- Remove inaccurate information from your credit reports
- Ensure your credit cards are not sold on the Black Market

Because of the breach Target has offered their cardholders one year of free credit monitoring. April 30, 2014 is the deadline for these customers to register for their unique code enabling them to take advantage of that opportunity. Target says they understand the anxiety and frustration triggered by the breach and are offering the free protection because customer trust is so important to them.

The value the book can offer to those who were not victims of the Target credit card breach is illustrated by one reviewer on the Amazon site who said he wasn’t affected by the Target data breach but bought the book because he figured sooner or later some card company would be sending notification that he was. People may have felt they were safe as long as they cancelled the credit or debit card used but millions of customers’ personal information was also compromised.

“Target Data Breach: 10 Steps to Protect your Credit and Identify” was published by Guardian Publishers. Neither the publisher nor the author Danni Lipton has any connection with Target. For purchasing information go to

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