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New Book from Biggest Loser Contestant Mark Cornelison- "Undressed" Is a Message of Discovering What Really Matters

Learn what God did through his amazing experience and what it means for you and others


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Mark Cornelison went on The Biggest Loser because he was ready to make the changes necessary to get healthy. After 17 years in ministry, his weight had reached an all-time high and something had to be done. At 43 years old and close to 300 pounds, Mark suffered from various health issues. As a ministry leader, Mark enjoys serving others, something that was being more significantly affected due to his weight.

Now 45 years old and 100lbs lighter, Mark has gained a new life. He currently has no medical conditions to be monitored and has been removed from all of the medications he was taking before this experience.; His greatest joy is now having the physical and mental ability to be anything Christ calls him to be. After taking a stand on the show which ultimately led to him walking away from any and all prize possibilities, he has seen the doors open to sharing the truth of how God is alive and well behind the scenes in Hollywood. His book is the story and the message of his life changing experience.

Mark’s book shares some of his journey but also reveals how he had to remove many of the things that the world says is important to finally get to the place where he could see what truly matters most. This book is an encouragement and motivation to anyone who has a challenge in life that seems too big to overcome.

“Mark’s story-behind-the-story is about a God who relentlessly pursues us, and will use anything— including a weight-loss reality show—to strip away the lies we live by, creating a hunger for Him instead. Read Mark’s story, and you’ll find what you’ve always been looking for.”
— Rick Lawrence: Editor of GROUP Magazine and author of Sifted and Shrewd, Loveland, CO

“Mark does an outstanding job of bringing us into his story so we can better understand what it means to live outside of ourselves – pursuing the heart of God.”
— Matt Storer: President and CEO of VisionTrust International; Chairman of Christian Alliance for Orphans and Food for Orphans, Colorado Springs, CO

About Mark Cornelison
Mark has been married to Cathy for 24 years and they live just north of Houston. Life looks very different now for them and their three amazing children than it did before the show. They find themselves traveling to encourage others with what they have learned on this journey. They are continually sharing with churches, schools, and individuals to motivate and encourage. Find out more at www.sweatcor.com.