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New Book Helps Victims of Abuse Regain Their Spirit, Hope and Future

Having suffered an abusive and tragic upbringing, Susan Goins’ new book is poised to provide a vital lifeline and blueprint for those who feel victimized and shameful for what has happened in the past.


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- With millions of people around the world looking to break free from the pain and shame of abuse and tragedy, Susan Goins’ new book could be the saving grace they crave.

Hear This Lion R.O.A.R.; Release Ownership of Abuse Received, is the story of Goins’ life. Abused by both of her parents and one of her Mother’s boyfriends as a child, Goins suffered the suicide of her Mom as a young teenager, her Brother killing her Grandfather and the loss of another Brother in a fire.

Having also endured miscarriage and myriad of other tragedies, Goins hopes her own experiences will bring solace to others in a similar position.

“I have detailed my childhood, events that happened, my addiction and my recovery and healing process,” explains Goins, who now resides in Oklahoma City.

She continues, “This story is heart-breaking to say the least, but there is a happy ending, if there could be one – I am still alive.”

Critics are congratulating the book for its rich ability to help others. Proving that people can overcome the pain and shame in their life, Goins’ work allows victims to relate with someone who has experienced the same pain, while exploring ways to stop playing the victim and enjoy living in the present.

While focusing on getting the book out to many people as possible, Goins’ admits that she is deeply invested in personally helping others become the person they want to be.

“I will soon start conducting seminars and I feel this book is the beginning to what I believe is my destiny to help people in need,” she adds.

Aside from her personal experiences, the book boasts a number of related poems that will warm the heart of anyone who is suffering.

Hear This Lion R.O.A.R.; Release Ownership of Abuse Received, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available now from Amazon.com (click to purchase)

About the Author: Susan Goins
Susan Goins (1962) was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Oklahoma. She served 4 years in the U.S. Navy as a meteorologist.

Susan loves to travel and spend time with her grandson. Her book, Hear This Lion R.O.A.R.-Release Ownership of Abuse Received, details her life from childhood to the person she is now and the journey to recovery and healing.

Susan wants to help others overcome their pain and become the person they want to be.