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New Book "Jack Canon's American Destiny" Offers Romance and Political Intrigue in Washington, D.C

Author Greg Sandora features a true-American hero in this new political thriller


Ft Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- In this heightened political climate, novels featuring politics and the leaders of the free world are thrilling readers. On television, viewers can't get enough of the ABC drama Scandal, featuring murder, romance and politics in the White House. In the tradition of titles such as First Family, Exile and Exclusive comes author Greg Sandora's new political thriller Jack Canon's American Destiny from Itoh Press.

Set in the steamy summer days in Washington, D.C., days before the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Jack Canon's American Destiny features the titular hero, a man born from privilege, but willing to do whatever it takes to help the American citizens during a painful recession. Currently a Senior Kentucky Senator, Jack's plan is to become the President of the United States, no matter what tries to deter him. However, Jack is soon met with opposition in the form of a hitman. When the plan backfires and innocent lives are lost, a manhunt leads to a foe no one suspected – the current President of the United States.

Jack Canon's not only facing political entanglements in his personal life, but he's also encountering romantic ones as well. Trying to remain loyal to his wife, he finds himself deeply attracted to his assistant, Sandy. Soon Jack finds himself having to balance his romantic issues with running for his life, when he realizes he's once again under attack. Jack's racing for his life in his quest to become the next President.

Jack Canon's American Destiny examines the shades of the political spectrum, and offers a compelling story of a Democratic politician who is not without flaws, struggling with both political allies and inner conflicts. “I've always wanted to see a novel where a character goes “all in” to right wrongs and injustices. Jack's an admirable character with charisma and the drive to get things done,” Sandora states. He hopes readers will find themselves rooting for Jack Canon as he navigates the dangerous world of upper politics.

Sandora is the child of artists. After moving to Ft. Myers, Florida, he began pursuing his dream of writing. A sequel to his debut novel should be available soon. Jack Canon's American Destiny is now available on Amazon.

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