New Book MUSTLE: I Must Hustle Is Now Available at and

Inspiring, exciting book tells the true story of Logic, a young single father who made $50,000 selling counterfeit shoes on the streets while working nine to five at an office job, 9Logic reports


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2015 -- MUSTLE: I Must Hustle: How I Made $50,000 Selling Counterfeit Shoes from the Trunk of My Car has been released and is now available at and MUSTLE tells the true story of Logic, an adult student and single parent who finds himself struggling to support his infant son even while working full time at an architectural firm. Stumbling across an opportunity on the Internet, Logic goes on to make $50,000 selling counterfeit shoes he personally imports from China.

Shot through with twists and turns, triumphs and defeats, MUSTLE is an inspirational story about how hustle and drive can overcome adversity, even when robberies, harassment by the authorities, and lawsuits threaten to bring everything crashing down. Today, MUSTLE author Born Logic Allah is the owner of a successful video marketing studio and can be followed online under the username @9logic.

"I'm proud to announce the release of MUSTLE: I Must Hustle," Allah said, "Writing this true story has been a labor of love as I relived some intense, turbulent times. I'm proud of how I got my family through that challenging period and glad for the many lessons I learned doing it. Early response to the book has been incredibly positive and enthusiastic, with readers talking about how gripping and meaningful the story is to them. I hope anyone interested in this Book About Hustle will head to or to pick up a copy."

Working a 9-to-5 job as an architectural draftsman while continuing his studies with night classes, MUSTLE author Logic nonetheless struggled to make ends meet for himself and his son. Desperate for a way out, he discovered that he could buy counterfeit sneakers and shoes directly from manufacturers in China and decided that he would have a go at selling them personally.

Over time, Logic would rake in $50,000 selling these goods from the trunk of his car, dodging robbery attempts and the unwanted attention of the law all the way. He was successful enough at his new side business that one of the world's largest apparel companies eventually took notice, directly threatening him with a lawsuit that could have crippled him financially.

Throughout it all, Logic persevered, determined to make good on life for himself and his son even when everything seemed to conspire against him. MUSTLE is a story that will resonate with every entrepreneur and be of great value to anyone who would like to become one, because it displays in thrilling, direct detail many of the qualities most fundamental to success in that realm.

With the momentum gained through that scrappy, hustling work in his early 30s, Logic has gone on to become a highly successful video producer, marketer, and self-help teacher. MUSTLE is available now at in both digital Kindle editions and paperback form, where it has received nearly perfect ratings from reviewers, and in paperback at

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