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New Book Offers 8 Minute Solution to Common Math Problem

From author and Mathematics Professor, Arlissa Pinkelton, ‘Learn to Factor in 8 Minutes’ is a simple and practical guide to a topic that many students find difficult: learning how to factor.


Deltona, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Math Class. Two words guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of students everywhere.

Although Arlissa Pinkelton, author of new book, ‘Learn to Factor in 8 Minutes’ could be called a math aficionado, she understands that not all people feel very loving toward her favorite subject.

“A lot of people are intimated by mathematics and enter their classrooms with trepidation,” says Pinkelton. “It doesn’t have to be that way, and my goal is to provide a series of guides to help students with areas that they may struggle with, like factoring.”

‘Learn to Factor in 8 Minutes’ breaks down the steps involved with factoring in easy to understand ways, and provides user-friendly guides with examples and practice problems.

With Pinkelton’s help, students will be flexing their newfound math muscles before they know it!


Factoring can be difficult for students to learn, but there are a few key processes and steps that can make factoring easier to learn. Learn To Factor in 8 Minutes will give the user a quick, down-and-dirty, look at the basics needed for factoring efficiently and accurately. Learn To Factor In 8 Minutes is the first book in a series of eight “8 Minute” books on topics in Algebra. Open it up and let's get started.

8 Topics Covered: Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor (GCF), Factoring by Grouping, Factoring the standard form, Factoring using the A-C Method, Factoring using the Trial-And-Error Method, Difference of Squares, Perfect Square Trinomials, Sum and Difference of Cubes - *64 practice problems

As the author explains, her main goal is to show students that math isn’t a scary subject and with the right tools, can actually be fun.

“I really love math – obviously, as I’m a Mathematics Professor,” says Pinkelton. “I think it’s important for students to open their minds to how exciting math can be, under the right circumstances. When students have a guidebook to navigating math, it becomes easier for them to assimilate the presented information.”

Continuing: “I would also like to see parents sit down with their children and go through this guide with them. I know a lot of adults don’t even know how to factor! It’s beneficial for parents to get involved with their children’s education, and help them to develop their passion for learning. It’s a lifelong gift.”

‘Learn to Factor in 8 Minutes’ is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1batT40

About Arlissa Pinkelton
Arlissa Pinkelton is a Mechanical Engineer turned Mathematics professor. She has taught Algebra her entire academic career. She lives with her husband and daughter in central Florida where she teaches Algebra. Arlissa has loved math since childhood and seeks to inspire other students with that same passion. Email communication can be sent to: 8minutemath@gmail.com