New Book Offers Holistic Information on How to Treat a Boil


Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Anyone who has ever suffered from painful, recurring boils knows how frustrating they can be, and how difficult to get rid of for good. Now, a new book explains to the millions of sufferers of this common condition how to treat a boil — and how to prevent boils from recurring.

In "Boils Be Gone," author Janice K. Rollins shares her holistic approach to preventing skin boils. "Boils Be Gone" is a revolutionary approach to treating boils, but more importantly preventing them.

Those who suffer from boils know that doctors often have good intentions when offering advice about boils, but that advice to press boils with warm, wet cloths or treat boils with antibiotics often does little to prevent boils from recurring. The reason is that these treatments don't address the underlying causes of boils.

"My book teaches readers how to prevent boils," Rollins said. "Learn to get rid of them for good. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can’t say that you’ve truly beaten boils unless they stop coming back."

In the book, Rollins explains why humans get boils, why one boil causes more and how to stop them before they even start. She explores the number one reason why boils come even if someone just finished a course of antibiotics and shares her ultimate boil prevention secret weapon, as well as bonus tips for immediate relief to those dealing with boils now.

Janice K. Rollins suffered from recurring boils and wanted answers. So she became a human experiment. She tried every approach to treat a boil until she finally found an answer. In "Boils Be Gone," she shares all the details of her findings with others wishing to be rid of boils for good.

"Boils Be Gone" is available for $27 at The book can be purchased 100 percent risk free: If Rollins' regimen doesn’t work, customers are welcome to send Rollins an e-mail and a refund will be processed the same day.

"Boils Be Gone" can be purchased safely and securely via PayPal and major credit cards at

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