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New Book Offers Police Application Help and Examples to Potential Police Officers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- Cutbacks made by the British government have taken their toll on many in the public sector and none more-so than the Police. Police Officer numbers have fallen drastically over the past few years and reached their lowest number of 132,235 in 2013, their lowest levels in 11 years. Now though, there may be light at the end of the tunnel for those seeking to join the Police as many forces are starting to open their doors to new candidates.

Police candidates face many difficult hurdles on their way to becoming a Police Officer, one such hurdle is the Police application form which can be a cause for concern to many. It's numerous sections that test a candidate’s key-qualities that the Police are seeking, such as 'respect for race and diversity' and 'resilience' can be extremely difficult to complete correctly.

To assist candidates in their noble endeavour the 'Police Application Form Guide' ( provides applicants with Police application help, real example answers to the actual Police application form questions and teaches the many do's and don'ts that allow a candidate to give the Police application markers exactly what they're looking for.

Matthew Hayes, the author, has extensive experience in recruitment and has assisted numerous Police Candidates in completing their form successfully – this has enabled him to put together a guide book that helps other candidates avoid the many pitfalls of the Police application form and successfully navigate the various core competency sections, for example, the Police Application Form Guide provides advice on:

Understanding how the form is marked – this section demonstrates what Police markers are looking for such as certain key-phrases and how candidates MUST be using them.

Filing in personal information – there are many mistakes that a Police applicant can make in this relatively easy section.

Finding examples – the book demonstrates how candidates can source quality examples from their every day life that meet the marker's stringent criteria.

Answer structure – this section teaches candidates how to phrase their answers based on their examples chosen in the previous section.

Core Competencies and example answers – the Police application guide then works its way through each core competency individually and teaches exactly how candidates should word their answers. It provides real examples within this section that leave nothing to chance.

These sections and in particular the Police application example answers provided, aim to give applicants the very best chance of passing the application form assesment and to progress to the Police interview. Not only does the book provide a means for filling in the current Police application form but what really makes it invaluable to a Police applicant is that it teaches an ‘answer framework’, a means of tailoring and structuring any answer or example to meet the demands of any future questions should they differ.

The Police application form can be a cause for concern to many candidates, however aid of the comprehensive help provided by this book, candidates should find themselves with an extra edge that puts them above the rest of the pack.

About provides candidates with Police application help, we offer the very best advice and tips on completing the Police application form successfully. We teach Police applicants how to correctly complete answers on the various Police core competencies, using key-phrases that the application form markers look for, as well as providing example answers to these question

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