New Book on Rebooting Metabolism to Lose Weight Fast Aligns with Recent News on Obesity

New study from Yale University says fructose is metabolized differently, increases eating habits


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- The Metabolism Reboot Diet, a new highly-rated book available on, is validated in a recent study by Yale University that looked how fructose sugars contribute to obesity. The Metabolism Reboot Diet aligns perfectly with the study's conclusion, as the diet's first stages do not allow the consumption of fruit until the metabolism is remade.

“Dieters need to avoid fruit at the beginning of the diet, so their bodies can reboot and eventually switch from burning sugar to burning fat,” said Kate Johnson, author of The Metabolism Reboot Diet. “With the techniques in the Metabolism Reboot Diet, your body can lose weight faster and your metabolism can rebuild from unhealthy choices and yo-yo dieting.”

The Metabolism Reboot Diet book looks at the science of rebooting the metabolism at the biochemical/cellular level in easy-to-understand language, without sounding too basic or overly scientific. It busts diet popular diet myths including exercise myths that actually make it harder to lose weight and burn fat. It lays out the exact formula of what actually works to increase the metabolism, and what hinders weight loss. “Many popular diet myths actually work against weight loss”, Johnson adds.

“The Yale study tells us that fructose and high-fructose corn syrup, is metabolized poorly for someone who wants to lose weight,” Johnson said. “May other studies  back up these findings. Meat and carbohydrate choices are just as critical. The book goes into the details of why.”

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