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New Book Poses Ground-Breaking Question: Do the Quran and the Bible Send Conflicting Messages to Their Followers?

In a topic-by-topic review, Dr. Ejaz Naqvi provides a thematic review of the Quran and the Bible, in one of the most unique pieces of religious literature ever written.


Walnut Creek, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- In recent history, no other book has garnered more attention than the Hold Quran. With religion playing an ever-increasing role on society and its politics, how does it compare and conflict with the messages imparted by the Bible?

In one of the first truly objective reviews, Dr. Ejaz Naqvi attempts to shed on both books’ influence in his latest title, ‘The Quran: With or Against the Bible?: A Topic-by-Topic Review for the Investigative Mind’.


“Too often we are tempted into thinking how wrong other people's religions and scriptures are, rather than focusing on what's right about our own. We act like some of our politicians during election campaigns rather than following the teachings of our own holy books. Breaking the trend, author Dr. Ejaz Naqvi provides an objective, topic-by-topic review of the two most read books in the world-the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran. The Quran: With or Against the Bible? addresses the key themes of the Quran and answers commonly asked questions in search of finding common ground: Who wrote the Quran? Who is the "God" of the Quran? What is the Quranic view of the prophets, especially Moses and Jesus?

What does the Quran teach about interfaith relations? Does the Quran promote peace and harmony between Muslims and the People of the Book, or does it promote violence? How does the Quran compare to the Bible on important themes like worshipping God, the prophets, human rights, moral values, and fighting for justice and human dignity? Does the Quran render women as second-class citizens? Dispelling major myths, The Quran: With or Against the Bible? systematically analyzes and compares the similarities in the paths of guidance the two scriptures have bestowed upon mankind.”

As the author explains, his book provides a welcomed relief from many existing works that are riddled with bias.

“Most available literature on religion and specially the scriptures tend to be tilted, and many times clearly biased towards one religion or scripture. Moreover they tend to glorify one, while demonizing the others’ religion or Scriptures,” says Naqvi, a practicing Physician.

Continuing, “Religion seems to have taken a prominent role in our society as well as politics. This ought to be welcome development for the faithful. However the religion has also been used to promote hate and violence. Is this message of hate and violence supported by the teachings of the scriptures that we follow and cherish so much?”

Naqvi’s book is highly detailed and thoroughly researched. Each section one key theme in the Quran, including:

- God
- The Quran itself
- The Quran and science
- The Quran on other Scriptures, prophets, and religions
- The Day of Judgment, hereafter, hell, and heaven
- Moral values, ethics, pillars of faith, and lessons for our daily lives

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This book will become a primary tool for interfaith understanding through scriptural reasoning and the comparative study of religious text,” says Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Professor of Medieval Judaism and Islam at Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles.

Another reader, Ahmad Hassan, was equally as impressed. He writes, “This is an informative and timely book. It's now more important than ever to explain how similar the three monotheistic faiths really are and the author does an admirable job of communicating that to readers. I was especially interested in Section 3, where the author describes the natural or scientific aspects of the Quran.”

‘The Quran: With or Against the Bible?: A Topic-by-Topic Review for the Investigative Mind’, published by iUniverse, can be purchased from the following outlets:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/V2fZO1
Barnes & Noble - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Ejaz-Naqvi?store=allproducts&keyword=Ejaz+Naqvi

For more information, please visit the author’s blog website: http://ejaznaqvi.authorsxpress.com/

About Ejaz Naqvi
Ejaz Naqvi is currently the president of a local Islamic center and has been actively involved in many other local Islamic centers in various capacities. He is on the executive board of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, CA. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Islamic Scholarship Fund, a non-profit organization that aims to promote engagement of American Muslim students in mainstream through educational scholarships and mentorship programs. A practicing physician and a "born-again Muslim" after reading the Quranic translation for the first time in its entirety about two decades ago, he has since then pondered over the verses of the Quran and discovered that many of its teachings remain arcane. Eager and in search of finding the common grounds, his subsequent study of the Quran and the Bible has led him to finding significant similarities in the teachings of the Scriptures.