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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- Women today are facing a number of problems when searching for the Mr. Right; what initially seems to be a dream date can turn into a disaster if one is not careful. When one begins to understand that the person one is dating isn’t what he seems or when one discovers that one has been dating a married man all the time, it is nothing short of a heart-break. At such times one needs a good guide to make one move on and once again build confidence so that the same mistake isn’t repeated in future.

This sort of love help is available in the form of a book called ‘Dating Revolution Workbook - A 12 Step Journey to Rediscovering Your Power’. This book is especially written to help women learn how to use their feminine power for their own good, when it comes to dating or friendship with men. The authors of this book, Charyn Gant and Dahmenah say that they have written this book to help women who are caught up in bad relationships, to learn to build confidence and take charge of their life for the better.

The authors say, “Throughout the ages, women have used the Power of Femininity as a source of self-esteem and self-confidence, making them very desirable to men. However, many of today’s women have misplaced their femininity or what we like to call their Feminine POWER. This workbook is designed to help women reconnect to themselves before they ‘connect’ with another.”

By reading this love help women can learn a number of important things to make them a success at dating. Some of the important topics in this book include:

- Don’t act like a Desperate Dater by chasing a man. If a man is not moving at the pace you want find another.
- Don’t become intimate without commitment.
- Don’t date married or “spoken for” men.
- Don’t follow a man unless you know where you’re going.
- Say NO to anything that does not serve your best interest.

This love help is for every woman who wants to be a success at dating. It is especially for those who are going through a tough relationship and also can help build confidence of those women who have made wrong choices in the past.

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This book has been written by Charyn Gant and Dahmenah, who want to help women live and love better.

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