New Book Release "Saving Molly"- a Romantic Story of Discovery by Lana Jane Caldwell


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Imagine reading lines and pages of the heart’s feelings, all expressed when you are in a romantic mood, giving you new ideas and pleasures of romance, running in your mind like a loop of dreams, a movie-reel of your secret fantasies, right in front of your eyes, all penned down in black and white. Imagine such a pleasure?

The beauty of writing lies in making the reader feel the passion in its words. Rarely do we find books today, which are realistic and include every phase of human life including times when  fantasy takes over.

Romance has always been an interesting field of play and knowledge to the more beautiful gender of humans. Books, which combine the innocence of love and yet kindle the erotic side of women, are rare.   After all, a woman can be a new discovery opportunity and it takes intimate care to please her.

Such knowledge often sold under the genre of erotica romance is a good source of pleasure and learning.  It may look like words of fiction but what pleases the mind, may also soothe the heart and ignite the body, to new heights.  To discuss in brief, the profound knowledge of such romantic books generally has in it’s scope the art of romance, the emotions, moods, passions, gentle tips that people may use to please and be pleased.

Some may feel that topics like erotic romance should just be felt and not learned.  However, both men and women desire to read erotica for women to raise the level of excitement and passion of lovemaking. It is important to know the desires of one’s partner and erotica does enhance the pleasure one can give.  This will ultimately ensure both, a higher sense of intimacy and oneness.

Being a topic generally of privacy, such matters are not publicly discussed. However, erotic romance books must find a place in every bookshelf as romantic fantasy is an important aspect of pleasure for a healthy lifestyle.

One such book, a very well known fiction novel, “Saving Molly” by Lana Jana Caldwell, from the romance bookshelf, shows readers a part of the human life emotions of a women, where her fantasy overtakes  her and displays the passionate, erotic side of a women and how she deals with it in her lonely life.  Indeed an interesting novel, that one must read.

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Author: Lana Jane Caldwell
British Columbia, Canada
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