New Book Reveals a New Exciting Way to Look at Our Relationship with God

For all these past thousands of years have we been looking at God the wrong way? Is much of what we believe God to be, a false belief? The authors belief and his evidence shows that we can communicate and use Gods power, wisdom and love to change our lives. We can do this by ourselves with no help from any outside source. We can solve health and disease issues, career problems, relationship challenges, and any other life difficulty. It is all about how and what we think and the types of action we take. The book points out how to do this by changing your beliefs and your thinking and at the same time provides the tools to accomplish these changes.


Fort Collins, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- Have you ever asked yourself, “Is God really who I believe She is?” Have you ever felt you wanted to talk to God but believed it was impossible? Are you one of those people who constantly feels driven to do better, but just cannot make it happen in all areas of your life? Author Dan Keating offers a new perspective in the release of his book, "Be Still and Know You Are God."

You are God? How can one possibly say that? Would the person saying “You are God” be crazy? Are you someone who has stopped to question God and spirituality? Author Dan Keating speaks up to reveal to readers a new point of view as to where God is and who God is in his new book, "Be Still and Know You Are God."

Keating states, “Science as far back as Einstein has shown that everything everywhere is energy. Only intelligence as great as God, could create everything everywhere.” As we, too, are energy beings, the author brings forth the hypothesis that we are simply God experiencing human life.

"Be Still and Know You Are God" makes it plain to the reader that he or she is not “The God.” Yet, “You are God” is a statement about what life is all about. Furthermore, how many times have we all wondered just that, what’s life all about? Have you found yourself thinking, “I would like to look at life differently. I would like to act toward my family and friends differently. Is there a way to have the things in my life that I desire?” The book reveals that upon finding a new relationship with God, a better understanding of His creative process and tools, you can indeed have the life you desire.

"Be Still and Know You Are God" is an in-depth study that shows the reader a new concept about the nature of God. It shows how spirit manifests in human beings and what that means to the individual reader. How do we bring man’s nature into harmony with God’s nature, which resides in each of us, and solve the problems of everyday life. Readers will learn they have more power, wisdom, and love than they believe and they have access to all that God is. This discovery will show that they control their life and can change their life for the better by the way they think. Keating reveals a process that shows the reader how to get beyond negativity and allows the reader to overcome the imprinting in the subconscious mind that we all have. By overcoming the negative power the subconscious mind contains, one can begin to make dramatic changes in his or her life. Making our lives better is what it is all about.

"Be Still and Know You Are God" is available on Amazon. If you are interested in contacting the author for an interview or questions, contact him at or call 970-481-7733.

About Dan Keating
Dan Keating is a writer, seeker, messenger and helper. He is on a spiritual journey looking for solutions to negative human experiences in everyday life. When he finds solutions that work for him, he shares them in books and on his website.

Dan Keating